Adrien Szekeres 2

My manager and I share a passion for all things beautiful. In our meetings, alongside discussing my upcoming appointments and appearances, we can spend hours on the topic of fashion. And though we sometimes have slightly different tastes, we are in total agreement when it comes to Högl: these shoes meet all of our expectations.

As my right-hand woman, Barbora is always on the move and is my personal troubleshooter backstage,  so she tends to opt for flats and simply loves Högl’s selection of styles.
Pumps: Högl
Slipper: Högl

I, however, prefer to wear shoes with a bit of a heel as I am a little short,  and the heels I wear with my stage outfits are often very high indeed. I think that when a woman wears high heels, she moves in a more feminine, graceful manner, which is really important for me as a singer.
Thankfully, Högl has the right shoe for every woman and every taste.

Adrien Szekeres

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