Worry about it later

As a child of autumn, though I do of course look on some somewhat wistfully as summer draws to a close, I can never wait to get all wrapped up in cosy knitwear and thick scarves. I also usually team these up with a chic hat or a soft cap, and when it comes to footwear, from September onwards there’s only one thing on my mind: boots, boots, boots! Warm ankles are an absolute must for me, so Chelsea boots and skinny jeans are the perfect combination. I don’t get cold and the shoes take centre stage!
Showing off your shoes is especially important for this type of style – and these boots are real show-stoppers. Their black patent and subtle gold detail around the heel makes them perfect for strolling through those crisp autumn leaves. Lined with a warm inner sole, your walk will never feel quite long enough. One thing’s for certain, I certainly don’t have cold feet about these boots.

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