Palina Pralina

This autumn, we joined Palina Pralina on the road at Paris Fashion Week, where four carefully selected HÖGL styles became part of this successful fashion blogger’s exciting world. The results speak for themselves. Not only did our shoes match Paulina’s different styles perfectly, we were also able to impress with their high quality and design. See for yourself:

Boots: HÖGL

“Such an expressive outfit needs a pair of shoes that make a real statement! I chose the perfect lace-up boots from HÖGL, which have a really strong look and are also super comfortable,” Pralina writes in her blog post.

Boots: HÖGL

“My ultra stylish HÖGL high-top trainers are the absolute perfect match for this outfit. Their warm fleece lining makes them a trendy companion for colder days. I particularly like the loop back lacing – this really rounds off the look of these shoes,” says Pralina.

Boots: HÖGL

“If your dress is simple, then you should go for an eye-catching shoe. My HÖGL snakeskin-look boots are a real highlight, and are simply perfect for autumn days. They are comfortable and have an extremely high quality finish,” Pralina writes.


Boots: HÖGL

Images: Jeremy Möller

"These HÖGL shoes are just as modern and edgy as the rest of my outfit. The patent black shoes are the perfect match, and the red laces go really well with my hoodie,” Pralina writes of her outfit.
Here at HÖGL, we just can’t get enough of the Palina lifestyle. What about you?

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