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Ankle-high Chelsea boots with sporty soles are an absolute wardrobe staple these days. So much so, in fact, that you can find them in virtually any finish imaginable. With such a variety of styles, you’re completely spoilt for choice, but also sure to find the model that suits you best. These all-rounders work wonderfully with any look, seamlessly combining elegance and comfort.
On my shoot at the idyllic Lake Fuschlsee, Austria, I chose to wear a HÖGL style that reaches just above the ankle. With a zip fastening, this pair is really easy to get on and off. To create an autumnal feel, I went for a bold shade of grey to offset the brown leaves and foliage of the setting.

The velvety suede adds a certain softness and warmth to my rather cooler colour choice. Inspired by autumn, these boots are the perfect match for maxi dresses or full-length coats. This not only looks ultra-casual, it also switches up the style a little, adding something different to your outfit.

As we tend to wear our favourite shoes time and time again, we put the material through its paces in all sorts of adverse weather conditions. That’s why, when we find ourselves a good pair of shoes like these Chelsea boots, it is always worth waterproofing them.

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