Mules are the latest much-discussed megatrend. They are now available in a hybrid alternative for women looking for shoes that can be worn closed like a loafer or open like a slipper depending on their chosen style.
In contrast to the classic loafer, which is more masculine in character, this style looks elegant and feminine. The shoes are very easy to slip on and they go great with dresses, skirts or culottes.
In my case, I'm enjoying a beautiful autumn day in an outfit that symbolises autumn in its main features yet I can also wear it in warmer temperatures. The blue-and-white striped blouse is airy and contrasts the muted, earthy shades of the jacket and bag. Given the time of day – shortly before sunset surrounded by the magical glow of the “golden hour” – and the composition of the outfit, I chose to wear my leather slip-ons closed today.
These shoes are flexible and their leather material softly nuzzles into my feet, making them loyal companions as they can be adapted to any activity – these mules are feel-good shoes that I can’t be without.

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