Über den Dächern von Moskau

Elegant details and bold accents.

Fitting the season Bloggerin Shurshitta goes for colorful accents and  combines them with our elegant HÖGL pumps.
Bloggerin Shurshitta genießt den Ausblick über die Dächer von Moskau
354 metres up in the sky in the heart of the Russian capital. I am sitting by the window with pine cappuccino in my hands, enjoying the sight of the sunlit auroral city.

This spring I would like to add some bold accents into my wardrobe, at the same time keeping a pleasant innuendo of basic colors and neat silhouettes. This time I have chosen black as my principal color. A very basic top from any mass market brand, a neat clutch with elegant but eye-catching details from HÖGL complemented the look.
Shurshittas Outfit sticht durch farbliche Akzente und elegante Formen hervor
Bloggerin Shurshitta combines colourful accents with our HÖGL Pumps

Shoes and a bag can either be a harmonious extension of your look, or set a strong focus due to the shapes and colors. Today I have chosen the harmonious alternative and left a bright pink necklace in charge of the “colorful accents” department.

Die silbernen HÖGL Pumps sind schick und bequem. Dazu passend kann man tolle Akzente setzen.

These noble HÖGL Pumps are not only chic but also comfortable.

This look is all about combining comfort with style: soft flowing fabric, natural materials, comfortable shoe last and a steady block heel. Luckily, HÖGL doesn’t put me in front of a dilemma – I don’t need to compromise between comfortable and fashionable. I’m always at a high ebb. I feel conscious and am ready for the most important meetings and make-or-break decisions. Even if it is just the color of my nail polish for the coming week.

Forever yours,
Nastya Shurshitta  


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