Palina Pralina 3

Today’s look combines Haute Couture with casual wear and shows how some well-chosen highlights can make the look really special.
The first thing to notice is the huge jacket by the haute couture designer Bowie Wong. The wide-cut kimono sleeves and the stars decorating the jacket are real eye-catchers.

I decided to wear rather unspectacular things underneath: Vintage Jeans & Boyfriend Shirt are easy and comfortable to wear.
To complete the look I focused on the accessories and shoes. Gold is Glamorous! My dreamy slingbacks from Högl in Gold have been refined by Swarovski-Stones from the world-famous designer Jean Paul Gaultier. I love them!





Pumps: Högl

Overall, a trendy Parisian style has emerged, in which I also attended a fashion show.

I hope you like the outfit!

Yours, Palina Pralina

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