Palina Pralina 1

My first look from the Berlin Fashion Week could is made for this town! Street style and the latest trends are being combined to create a unique and harmonious Outfit.

In one of my last posts I have already presented to you the trend of combining hoodies with dresses. Today, I am combining a long dress with an oversized hoodie - both in gray. The garments literally flow into each other and fit together perfectly.


The rather simple style is enhanced by some shining accents. My shiny down jacket is a real eye catcher and my Högl sneakers with Swarovski crystals are a real highlight! By the way: Good sneakers are really important during the Fashion Week, even if you are not running the catwalk ;).

I do you like the look? Let me know what you think! If you want to experience the Fashion Week madness - follow me on Snapchat!

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