HÖGL Weihnachtsfeier

After all our hard work, it was time to celebrate!

For this year’s Christmas celebrations, the “shoe world” came to Austria.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Joseph Lorenz, along with the Taufkirchner team, welcomed management teams from the international group companies in Shanghai and Moscow, as well as the Hungarian production team. Along with Director Patrick Lorenz and Managing Director Gerhard Bachmaier, Joseph Lorenz paid tribute to staff, in particular thanking long-serving employees for their exemplary performance and commitment.

Internationally acclaimed musician Paul Zauner, accompanied by New York pianist Carlton Holmes, along with singer Chanda Rule and African vocal group Nobuntu provided a festive atmosphere. 

We had plenty to celebrate: LORENZ Shoe Group was awarded the 2016 “ineo” award for exemplary teaching, Director Johann Pucher was awarded a silver medal at the WKOÖ awards, and Managing Directors Patrick Lorenz and Gerhard Bachmaier were each awarded honorary rings from the Taufkirchen/Pram community.

Die motivierten Lehrlinge freuen sich mit Personalchef Franz Richard und Kathrin Grillneder über die „ineo-Auszeichnung“.

435 years of company loyalty

The evening’s highlights were the ceremonies in recognition of long-serving employees. With awards for 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of company loyalty, in total 435 years of service were celebrated.

Ceremony for 10, 20 and 25 years of service: BRV Franz Fasching, MD Patrick Lorenz, Herbert Thurner, Melanie Mitterbauer, Gerhard Bruckbauer, Manuela Haderer, Stefan Yoon, Christine Bauböck, MD Gerhard Bachmaier

Ceremony for 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service: BRV Franz Fasching, MD Patrick Lorenz, Josef Rachbauer, Veronika Knechtelsdorfer, Director Johann Pucher, Josef Laufenböck, Irene Bell, Johann Penzinger, BR Manuale Haderer, Robert Pock, MD Gerhard Bachmaier

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