Styrian wine route

HÖGL’s travel tip: Head for the hills in Styrian wine country

If Bacchus the god of wine were here today, he would no doubt live in this beautiful wine region near the southern Styrian wine route. Favoured by the mild Pannonian climate, exquisite grape varieties flourish here. Whether fruity Muscatel, lively Chardonnay or tangy Pinot Blanc, white wine lovers will feel right at home here.

© Steiermark Tourismus / Harry Schiffer

But it’s not just the wine that gets gourmet hearts beating faster, but also the local black gold, Styrian pumpkin seed oil lubricates the palates of locals and tourists alike.
Attracted by the undulating landscapes, thousands of holidaymakers visit the region every year. And those who’ve been once always return, which is easy to understand when looking at these vistas.
© Steiermark Tourismus / Harry Schiffer
© Steiermark Tourismus / Harry SchifferHÖGL Tipp:
HÖGL’s recommendation: If you’re looking for a truly special place to enjoy your time off, book an overnight stay at an exclusive Weinstöckel (a rustic getaway hut), in the midst of the vineyards. Find out more here: and
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