Perfect companions

feel good diary, April 2017

It’s never too late to blog!

Högl persuades women all over the world. Today, a Croatian 50+ blogger states why Högl shoes are the best companions for every occasion. 

Colour up! Blogger Alis Maric loves her blue Högl Sneakers.

Fashionable and comfortable: The blue sneakers are real allrounders.

I started blogging in my fifties and created my new career based on my love for books. I enjoy reading and I do it often.

Everyday I take a walk through the city, peek into one after another bookstore and before I know it I’ve been to five different stores. I am a very curious and persistent person but I am also aware that time only stops in books. In order to roam through all the stores and manage everything on my daily schedule it’s very important for me too feel comfortable in my shoes.

Alis loves books - and her Högl Sneakers in rosé metallic with hidden wedge heels.

I have always been a practical woman and my style is casual with a breath of femininity. That is exactly why I need shoes that match my style, that are kind to my feet, comfortable to walk in and beautiful on the outside. Högl shoes are just the thing I was looking for.

This comfy shoes accompanied me all day when I walked through the book fair in Frankfurt or as I walked along the footsteps of one of the greatest European queens, lovely Sissy in Vienna. But Högl sneakers were also perfect companions for my vacation on the coast where I could relax with a good book. 

When I am holding lectures at universities, presenting books or meeting with my blog readers I need elegant but not too serious shoes. In this situations I can always count on Högl to provide me the perfect combination.

Perfect for Alis' book presentations or meeting with her blog readers: The yellow Högl pumps with block heels are a fancy eyecatcher.

My blog is called „Čitaj knjigu / Read a book” so my advice is to get a pair of Högl shoes, take a walk and discover the wonderful world of books.

Yours Alice​
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