Mornings in the TV studio

Bianca Schwarzjirg on air in Högl heels

If it’s your job to wake up the whole of Austria, then of course, you’ve got to be up bright and early yourself. A sure-footed start to the day is essential.

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A life full of masterpieces

Art meets fashion

The Head of PR at the Fabergé Museum tells us how she brings a feel-good factor to her daily life.

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Working in the regal surroundings of Schloss Hof Estate

Palace life in Högl sneakers

Sophia Sladky feels like she’s stepped back in time when she arrives for work every morning at the baroque Schloss Hof Estate.

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Dare to be yourself

Celeni - Designed with passion

Eszter Cselényi is the founder of a lifestyle brand designed for educated and powerful, yet feminine women.

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In close touch with nature

Actress, and so much more

Jordán Adél is not only an actress but also a dynamic woman full of soul.

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A mighty woman needs shoes that impress

Högl sneakers for comfort

When she’s on the hunt for new stories, Nastya Pavlova, PEOPLETALK’s celebrity online media editor, relies on Högl shoes.

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Perfection on screen, and in real life

On air with Högl

Whenever she goes into a Högl store, Liliia Sumarokova disappears for several hours to stock up on shoes for her TV appearances in Russia.

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Find your own happiness

A passion for food

Go shopping and get paid for it – doesn’t that sound like a dream? For Nataly Bondarenko, this is reality.

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Makeup artist and mum

Fashion is my passion

She is the woman behind the scenes on fashion shows and TV programmes in Poland, as well as a mother with plenty of heart and soul.

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A strong woman, in the most comfortable of shoes

One woman and her voice

The stage is her home, classical music her life. Edelina Kaneva is one of Bulgaria’s most successful opera singers.

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Fashion means nothing without accessories

A life en vogue

Fashion is Katya Bolshova’s life. She runs her own label, and her passion is clearly visible.

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TV presenter, mum and shoe lover

In front of the camera with Eva Grünbauer

TV presenter Eva Grünbauer spends a lot of time on her feet, both professionally and at home with her two children, so having the right shoes is a must.

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Mighty shoes for a mighty woman

Warm memories of Högl

Like mother, like daughter – Elena Zlenko’s passion for Högl shoes began when she was a child.

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Shoes are an inspiration

Be bold and own your style

Beautician, fashionista and blogger – Kornelija Nikolic loves to share her passion for fashion with her followers.

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Yoga is in my heart

Högl sneakers – a pure pleasure

Wellbeing is an attitude towards life. Petra Szappan traded in her office job to become a professional yoga teacher.

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