Sparkling highlights and sleek design

Metallic summer slides

For Leonie Rachel, these platinum slide sandals are the perfect glamorous companion to her summer look.

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For a self-assured entrance

Cool colour play

This outfit exudes fashion confidence and brings out your feminine silhouette

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Nude-coloured heels

Always the perfect match

Nude heels are always a stylish choice. For Verena from Whoismocca too, they are must-have wardrobe essentials.

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Slip it on, pull it up, and you’re ready to go!

One piece – one look

This summer, jumpsuits with wide trouser legs and flowing fabrics are all the rage – minimalist and versatile, all wrapped into one.

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Refreshing classics

Azure blue loafers

This summer it’s time for some brave colour matching! Supermodel Alla Kostromichova loves to show her passion for bright colours through her footwear.

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A touch of luxury in Dubai

Floating on air all summer long

Vivalamoda takes a travel stop in the city of luxury. Part of her baggage: the glittering platform soles ELFIE from Högl!

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Spot on this summer

Hello Sunshine!

Polka dots just scream playful femininity and joie de vivre. Perfect for a summer with sunshine galore.

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Fabulous florals

Floral masterpieces

For Füsun Linder – alias @shortstoriesandskirts – flowers are a wonderful way to express feelings.

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Floral Flats

Pure summer vibes

For Supermodel Alla Kostromichova, summer is a time for freedom. With her blooming summer flats, she starts dancing on the beach!

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Lace is ace!

Pale colours, trendy highlights

This look, with its soft feminine quality and generous helping of cool, is just the thing for a summer party or a trip into the city.

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Inspired by Athen’s colours

Lost my heart in Greece

Kristin Hesse describes her feeling while exploring the vibrant colours of Athens, a city with stunning energy.

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A nautical summer look

A breath of fresh air for your wardrobe

With its frilly off-the-shoulder neckline and slim waist, this dress is the perfect floaty, feminine piece for the summer.

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"No, but I speak fashion!"

“Ciao Signorina, parlare Italiano?”

Laetitia from Missmondo finds inspiration in the colourful looks of Italian women in Milan.

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Lining up for spring

From vertical to horizontal, narrow to wide

There are some patterns that never go out of fashion – and stripes are definitely one of them! They’re just the thing for a stylish spring.

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Make your look look vivid!

Silky shimmering floral heels

Super Model Alla Kostromikova is on a tropical trip to Mexiko! She completes her colourfull look with blooming flowers on her feet.

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