Be elegant in Högl peep-toes

Show off your feminine side. 

On special occasions, blogger Sandra Levin reaches for a pencil skirt and a pair of HÖGL peep-toes.

Nude Peeptoes mit Sling von Högl

Today I want to show you an elegant outfit I wear for special occasions. When I’m invited to an official event at an expensive restaurant or have an important meeting to attend, I enjoy picking out a feminine and elegant outfit. I do this because I love to show myself for what I am - a feminine woman. For me, trouser suits just don’t come into it, as I find this look a little too masculine - unless I put a particularly feminine spin on it. 

Schlichter schwarzer Pencil Skirt mit nude Bluse, Mantel und Peeptoes

I find that, for me, a black pencil skirt is always the perfect staple piece. I love these straight-cut, close-fitting skirts, which are not only very feminine, but also extremely easy to style. They are also perfect for those wanting to show off their womanly curves. In this case, I’m wearing a nude silk blouse and a suitable coat, just in case it gets a little chillier into the evening.


I deliberately decided against black shoes, as these are just a bit too "normal" for me. In their fabulous shade of nude, my peep-toes perfectly match my blouse and round off my outfit. As well as looking very elegant, these Högl peep-toes are also very comfortable. This is a key factor for me when choosing shoes - as they have to be able to carry me through the entire day. 

Schick in Bleistiftrock und nude Peeptoes von Högl

The leather is soft and of extremely high quality, in keeping with the overall craftsmanship of these shoes. Högl’s summer collection is very fashionable and chic. I’ve already caught a glimpse of the 2017/18 autumn/winter collection and am really excited about it. You should be getting excited too!

XX Sandra Levin
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