One pair of ankle boots, two autumn looks!

Stay stylish throughout autumn

Verena from Who is Mocca reveals how to style Högl lace-up ankle boots to keep you warm and dry this season

The star of today’s post is the classic and elegant Montagne ankle boot - a perfect match for both casual and feminine outfits. With their block heel and sturdy, ridged sole, these lace-up ankle boots are a real highlight in HÖGL’s autumn collection. I’m going to show you just how versatile this trendsetter is, as well as how I like to style it for the autumn months.

An autumnal all-rounder: Ankle boots with a block heel

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of practical yet stylish shoes this autumn, why not choose ankle boots with a comfy heel and matching detailing? I’m always looking for a good profile in the shoes I buy, because I want them to be so much more than just fair weather friends. That’s why in this post I’ve put forward not only the perfect style for beautiful autumn days, but also one for when the rain strikes. As the seasons change, we need to be prepared!

Style option 1: Outfit for beautiful autumn days

Slightly higher cut ankle boots not only look great with skinny jeans, they also cut a fine figure when teamed with a floaty midi skirt. These boots together with an oversized knitted jumper really bring out the colours in the coordinated skirt, creating a consistent and feminine look. As for accessories, I chose a wide-brim hat and a bag that matches the skirt’s colours. For an alternative look, go for a fitted pair of culottes instead - these lace-up ankle boots make everything look bang on-trend!

Style option 2: Autumn rainy day outfit

Autumn may herald bad weather days, too, but that doesn’t mean you need to take a rain check on style! On cold, rainy days, I team these high-quality, lace-up ankle boots with chequered trousers and a cosy hoodie. I don't usually use an umbrella, so I opted for a patent leather trench coat, which serves as a rain coat at the same time. My autumn essential: my favourite dark grey hat. And as a little colour never goes amiss, a cognac brown bag is a great autumnal choice for this outfit.

So there you have it: a pair of classic and elegant lace-up ankle boots really can be super versatile. You can also wear them with ankle warmers/knitted socks, granting them as much individual style as you like. Adapting to all weather conditions, the Montagne ankle boot is a great companion for the autumn months, don’t you think?

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