Style Date with Füsun Lindner

Talking about fashion favorites

Power lady, loving mother of two children, businesswoman by passion, fashion addict and style icon. That’s enough reason to get to know the person behind shortstoriesandskirts.

Högl talked with Füsun about her all time fashion favorites:

Högl: Füsun, as a successful fashion blogger your wardrobe is probably jam-packed, you get the newest clothes of the hippest designers. You are spoilt for choice.

Füsun: As a blogger, I often get asked what my favourite fashion pieces are. I guess you could say it's an occupational hazard of the job, but the question of what I consider to be absolute must haves often arises. Yet whenever I find myself in that situation my answer is always the same, and delivered as quickly as a shot! For years, I’ve been obsessively wearing my all-time favourites - renewed, varied and updated over time. They may not represent what is typically considered to be the basic essentials of every budding fashionista but they are definitely the staples of my personal wardrobe.

So, whenever I’m standing in front of a wardrobe bursting to the brim and find myself asking that reoccurring question that we all know so well: What on earth am I going to wear today?  

Högl: We are very curious to get to know what your favourite fashion pieces are.

Füsun: First things first! SHOES, of course! Because that is where I like to start when putting my outfits together. I am a professed shoe hoarder with a clear obsession for pretty pumps. Aside from that, I think that it’s our shoes that can refine and define a look. 

Füsun Lindner trägt gern Pumps von Högl.

Högl: Which type of shoes do you prefer? Feminine or casual styles?

Füsun: A sleek and chic heel is generally considered to be the epitome of femininity with the power to instantly upgrade an entire look. I totally agree, a classic pump is great to have. 

Högl: Today you wear our big ribbon pumps in colourful raspberry red. Looks like love at first sight or rather with the first step?

Füsun: I love classic pumps in a vibrant color! Red hues such as chilly-red, magenta, berry or candy-pink –  you name it – those fun colors can do magic. My current favorite is your raspberry-pink pumps– such a wonderful way to go shoe-loopy! Classic yet adorable with the addition of a cute bow that playfully highlights the heel. Now tell me, how could I not have fallen in love with this shoe when it makes such a sophisticated style statement!  

Högl: It is always interesting for us and our customers how fashionistas combine our shoes. You complete the feminine classy look with a Burberry trench, cool jeans and a smart Breton top.

Füsun: A trench topper is the truest and trustiest trans-seasonal classic of all. I’m absolutely sure it will never cease to make me feel happily coated with whatever outfit I throw it over – it simply always looks smart and sophisticated. A Burberry Trench is a forever investment that will never date but there are plenty of other fish in the sea. 
Füsun Lindner kombiniert ihren casual Look mit Högl Pumps.
Ein Fan von Högl Pumps: Füsun Lindner
Högl: Perfectly fitting jeans are a good investment, too, aren’t they?

Füsun: The struggle was real finding denim-trousers that suit me best. But once I discovered the right cut for my body-type choosing and styling my denims has become so much easier. As I’m not the tallest girl and my hips are, well let’s just say, shaped rather womanly, the perfect jeans for me are slightly high-waisted with a straight leg. My current favs are these AG-Jeans in a flattering blue hue with a thigh skimming fit and cut-off hems. I love the fact that the wash around the hips has slightly bleached streaks adding to the cool nonchalant look.  

Högl: Finally your white and blue-striped shirt makes you a little bit look like a French fashionista.

Füsun: Whilst a white Poplin Shirt is generally considered to be the staple piece par excellence - and don’t get me wrong, I do love a crisp and clean white shirt – I personally favor the classic Breton as my go to top. Despite its pattern, it’s nautically neutral which perfectly works as an anchoring piece that is oh so comfortable to wear. And it gives off "un peu” of French girl kinda vibe that can look even more charming with red lips and/or red accessories. 

Högl: Thanks Füsun for the charming style date and the peek in your amazing wardrobe.

Der schicke raspberry Pumps ist mit einer femininen Schleife geschmückt und überzeugt durch seine Eleganz
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