Chic meets comfy

An absolute must for fashionistas

Comfort meets sophistication. Nina Wro  from the blog "You rock my life" makes a striking start to the autumn in Högl’s “Pearly” sneakers.

With shoes, comfort is my top priority. There’s nothing worse than shoes that rub your feet, making it hard to walk. Yet I don’t want to compromise on style either. So my dream shoes would be both comfy and chic at the same time. 

Der Perlen Sneaker "Pearly" von Högl sorgt für Raffinesse am Bein jeder Frau.

When I saw these sneakers with their wonderful pearly beads, I was immediately smitten. They simply have it in the bag, perfectly combining comfort and sophistication. These berry-red suede sneakers are perfect for day-to-day wear, and the beads on the laces make them really stand out, adding that special something to any outfit. 
Nina Wro von "You rock my life" zeigt wie elegant sich der Högl Sneaker kombinieren lässt.
Die Perlen auf dem Högl Sneaker sorgen für Raffinesse und das gewisse Etwas.
Paired with a pleated skirt and a white blouse, they’re even suitable for the office. And whenever the mood takes you for a simpler look, the pearls are easily removed, transforming these striking shoes into classic sneakers that lend themselves to all sorts of different looks. 

Die Perlen vom Högl Sneaker lassen sich einfach abnehmen und der Schuh wird schlichter.

In my opinion, this shoe is not only the perfect companion for the autumn, but also a must-have for every fashionista among us.

All the best,

Högl Damen Sneaker in raspberry rot und trendigen Perlen
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