Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Following in the picturesque footsteps of the artist

“Nature is beautiful, art is beautiful. Both belong together,” Friedrich Hundertwasser once said. The artist’s love of nature is unmistakably reflected in his works, which are completely free of geometrically straight lines. Join HÖGL as we explore his unique masterpieces
Hundertwasser, UNTERWASSERSETZUNG VON ATLANTIS [SUBMERSION OF ATLANTIS] – Design for a mural for Oriente Station on the Lisbon metro system, 1996 © 2017 Namida AG, Glarus, Switzerland, 2017 Hundertwasser Archiv, Wien

Unmissable: the Hundertwasser House in Vienna

Vienna is a Mecca for architecture lovers. With all its magnificent castles, charming old houses and modern buildings, there’s so much to see that it’s hard to fit everything in! 
But one house, in Vienna’s 3rd district, is not to be missed. Organic shapes, a multicoloured facade, “tree tenants” growing out of the windows, and all sorts of foliage sprouting from the wooded terraces and roofs: the Hundertwasser House really is extraordinary. It bears the unmistakable mark of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who loved nature and had no time at all for the artists’ grid method.
Since this unique building is a residential property owned by the City of Vienna, it is only possible to view the house from the outside, out of consideration for its residents. Take some time to explore the house’s many eccentricities.

© 2017 Hundertwasser Archiv, Wien

A stroll through the Hundertwasser Village

The Hundertwasser Village, situated directly opposite, is open to visitors. International artists have designed a shopping centre here with a unique organic structure, a central square and various shops. Certainly a little different from your average shopping mall! On the roof is a green oasis with over 30 trees, providing a sanctuary for birds, butterflies and other animals right in the heart of the city. Entrance to the village is free.
© 2017 Hundertwasser Archiv, Wien

A somewhat unusual museum: Kunst Haus Wien

Just a few blocks further on, you’ll find the Kunst Haus Wien, another of Hundertwasser’s works. The museum is typical of Hundertwasser’s architectural style – one “befitting man and nature”. It features the world’s only permanent exhibition on the painter, architect and ecologist, as well as a number of temporary exhibitions. True to his call for architectural styles in harmony with nature and individual creativity, Hundertwasser designed the museum’s facade in an irregular chequered pattern, with different shaped windows and colourful columns, as well as “tree tenants”, a leafy courtyard and a wooded roof. Both inside the building and outside in the courtyard, the floor is uneven – creating “a melody for the feet”.
© 2017 Hundertwasser Archiv, Wien, photo: Simlinger

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