The Salzkammergut

Picturesque villages in the heart of Austria

Lush green meadows, dark fir trees, and crystal clear lakes... It may sound like something straight out of a fairytale, but this is soon brought to life in the Austrian lake district the Salzkammergut, where pristine nature, picturesque villages, and longstanding traditions come together to create a truly special place. Discover a magical part of Austria with HÖGL.

Panorama auf Hallstadt
Hallstatt Panorama © Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH, Andreas Röbl

A picture-perfect town full of character: Hallstatt

Beautiful places you must visit at least once in your lifetime: We’ve all drawn our inspiration from these kinds of articles before. And while these lists may at first sight seem to be packed with exotic destinations and bustling cities, if you look closely you’ll notice that the tranquil market town of Hallstatt commonly appears. This is really no surprise - the town’s idyllic location on the lake and the many historical buildings lining its shore create a charming, fairytale atmosphere. In fact, Hallstatt left such an impression on a group of Chinese architects that they built a full-scale replica of it in China!
sportlicher Högl Pumps mit federleichtem Keilabsatz


When exploring the beautiful town of Hallstatt, be sure to wear comfortable footwear - our rose metallic ballerinas are practically made for the occasion! Their sporty soles are sure to transport you safely over the cobblestone in the historic centre.


Bilck auf dem Mondsee und die Drachenwand
View from the Drachenwand of Lake Mondsee ©

To the moon(lake) and back

Traditional folklore explains how the Mondsee, meaning “moon lake” in English, came to be given its name. Long ago during a night ride, a Bavarian duke fell from the cliff into the dark lake below. As he fell, the last thing he saw was the reflection of the full moon in the water.   While this is, of course, a romantic retelling of events, under a silvery moon you will certainly be able to see the magic of this quaint lake and enchanting market town for yourself. When visiting, be sure to bring your swimsuit and treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon in one of the warmest lakes of the Salzkammergut. 
Högl Sandale im Animal-Print und goldenem Blockabsatz


In our shimmery sandals in snake print, take one small step for a fashionista, and one giant leap for the fashion world.  


Blick auf den Traunsee und Schloss Ort von Gmunden

Gmunden: Craftsmanship and sports in abundance 

On Lake Traunsee surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, the nostalgic town of Gmunden certainly has a lot to offer. Full of Mediterranean flair, Gmunden is known worldwide for its ceramics, which have formed part of its rich culture for centuries. Distinctive for their green and white swirls and floral designs, you’d be hard pressed to find an Austrian household that has no Gmunden ceramic items to speak of. 

Besides this longstanding tradition of craftsmanship, Gmunden also offers a range of exciting sports activities for true water-lovers, with Lake Traunsee, Austria’s deepest lake, proving to be a dream destination for swimmers, sailing enthusiasts and surfers alike. Also, don’t miss the chance to take a ride on the famous Gmunden Tramway, one of the steepest tram systems in the world!
Sandale in Orchidee mit schicken Perlen und silbernen Blockabsatz

Fancy a stroll along the idyllic lakeside promenade? In our beaded sandals in orchid pink, you’ll blend in with Gmunden’s scenic surroundings perfectly!

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