Dance into the summer!

Austria's best summer open-air events

Culture out in the open air: in Austria, the home of Högl, many events mean spending the balmy summer nights outside.

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The most beautiful floral gardens in Austria

Like stepping into the tropics

Intoxicating greenery, packed full of flowers, fragrance and pleasure - Austria's garden paradises are ready and waiting to enchant all your senses.

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Austria's heavenly primordial forests

Welcome to the jungle

Do you fancy going on an adventure, to somewhere like the Amazon? Well, you can, in Austria’s primordial forests. But first you have to find them…

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The best rooftop bars

Above the rooftops of Austria

The home of Högl is also home to many top venues in high places - perfect for after-work drinks with a view.

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Sailing and windsurfing to rival the Mediterranean

Ahoy there!

Do you need to travel far south for sailing and windsurfing? Not at all! Austria's lakes are perfect for outdoor-loving water sports enthusiasts.

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Picturesque vineyards and enchanting wine hotels

Vineyards to rival South Africa

Austria’s small wine-producing area has plenty to offer: Högl investigates the most beautiful regions and wine hotels.

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The Baroque town of Schärding

Colourful houses just like in the Caribbean

Located on the banks of the River Inn, the centre of Schärding is a Baroque jewel. The atmosphere in this picturesque old town is vibrant, cheerful and simply delightful.

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‘Gesund & Wellness’ Fair in Tulln

On course for well-being in Austria

Austria's largest health & wellness fair is the perfect retreat for anyone after some relaxation.

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Austria's most famous Friesian horse display team

Moments in Black

The stage is set for a display of grace, power and pride. The world of Friesian horses is well-known in Austria - thanks to an impressive world record.

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The Scandinavian feel-good trend spreads to Austria

Högl goes Hygge

Relaxed, open, cosy, homely - qualities that are growing in popularity in Austria, with many enjoying bringing “Hygge” into their homes.

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Secret dinner in a cosy atmosphere

Food trend: supper clubs

Eating with strangers, but just like eating with friends: supper clubs are taking the Austrian gastronomic scene by storm

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Sustainable natural wood furniture from Upper Austria

Austrian craftsmanship

TEAM 7, the pioneer of natural wood furniture located in the Upper Austrian town of Ried, has teamed up with the best designer in the world: nature itself.

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Off to the beach bar!

Summer, sun, sand

Relax with Högl at the most beautiful beach bars in Austria

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Too hot to work

Let’s hit the water!

Discover the most beautiful lakes in Austria with Högl

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Let’s go wild!

On Safari in Austria

Join Högl on the trail of baby giraffes and monkeys

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