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Outer material

  • Samtkid


  • Leather
Is that Cinderella’s lost slipper? We’ll leave it to your imagination. The fact is that these Högl ETERNITY heels are breathtakingly beautiful. Sparkling Swarovski® crystal straps run diagonally across the foot and add a touch of feminine grace. They also help the shoe to stay in place and improve the comfort of the 8.5 cm stilettos. Would you like your own personal Cinderella moment to become reality? If so, then an opulent ballgown will also look perfect with this statement shoe.

Heel height: 85mm
Heel Type: Stiletto heel
Sole Type: Leather & synthetic
Closure Type: No fastening
Basic preservation: Nubuck + Velours (Spray), alternatively Carbon Pro (Spray)
Color refreshment: Nubuck + Velours (Spray), alternatively Carbon Pro (Spray)
Cleaning: Nubuk Box, Cleaner
Extra information: Raspberry hygroscopic, do not use Nubuk+Textile (bottle) or Organic Bamboo Lotion as colour might become lighter; Nubuk+Textile (bottle) can be used with off-white


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