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A classic with an autumn look. The first cool days of autumn give the go-ahead for these blue Högl COSMOS heels. Their graceful silhouette is a good enough reason to leave your sneakers in the wardrobe. With their 8 cm block heels, they help your legs to appear longer and accentuate your feminine elegance.

Heel height: 85mm
Heel Type: Block heel
Sole Type: Synthetic
Closure Type: No fastening
Basic preservation: Nubuck + Velours (Spray), alternatively Carbon Pro (Spray)
Color refreshment: Nubuck + Velours (Spray), alternatively Carbon Pro (Spray)
Cleaning: Nubuk Box, Cleaner
Extra information: Raspberry hygroscopic, do not use Nubuk+Textile (bottle) or Organic Bamboo Lotion as colour might become lighter; Nubuk+Textile (bottle) can be used with off-white


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