Advertising campaign



‘Our legacy is the passion and skill in our craftsmanship.’
The new Högl Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign brings together tradition and modernity, sophistication and craftsmanship, heroines and homecoming, muses and fashion icons, and the female ideal from history right up to the modern day. It’s a creative homage to the artistic and cultural heritage of our Austrian homeland. Inspired by the Art Nouveau period and the trailblazing artists of the Vienna Secession, Högl designers have created some genuine shoe masterpieces. Versatile shapes, expressive colours and innovative materials mean the new styles stand out, and pay tribute to the craftsmanship of Austria.
‘Be your own muse - highlight your personality.’
Everyone is special in their own way. Take a closer look: you are unique. Turn your inner beauty outwards, stay authentic and follow your gut feelings.
The new Högl collection and campaign is dedicated to modern, confident women. It has been created for everyday heroines who don’t forget about themselves while juggling family and work. Self-assured, active and full of energy: the real role models of our time. Fashion is an expression of your personality - trust in yourself!