Size table


What shoe size is right for you?

HÖGL guarantees comfortable feet all day long

But to do this, it is crucial to know your right shoe size. And we’d be happy to help.

To work out your shoe size, you need to measure the length of your foot – starting from your longest toe to the end of your heel. The easiest way to determine the length is by drawing a straight line on a piece of paper and then placing your foot on the line, from your longest toe to the end of your heel. Fully stretch your foot out, as this is what you will be doing when running in that shoe later on. Then mark both the end of your heel and the tip of your longest toe on the line. Simply measure the distance between the two points to find out the length of your foot, which you can then use to find out your shoe size by referring to the table.
Your feet may each be a different length, so you should repeat this process with the other foot.
HÖGL recommends:

Choosing a larger size in any case, to avoid pressure points. Choosing half a size larger for pointed-toe shoes or those lined with lambskin