A visit to Stadelmann’s Jewellers

Love is in the details

For Silke Stadelmann, Högl shoes embody the very same values she wants to convey to her customers: quality, expertise and passion.

Our jewellers is a company steeped in tradition; it was founded by my husband’s great-grandfather in 1882. Since 2000, my husband and I have been the fourth generation to run the business, and we are very passionate about what we do.

Ms. Stadelmann with Högl shoes in her store.

Expertise and quality are hugely important to our business, from the purchasing of our jewellery to the loving care we put into our window displays. And the way we interact with our customers, in particular, really reflects our values. For me personally, it’s very important to embody and communicate these attributes to our customers. 
Ms. Stadelmann in her store, wearing Högl Loafers
elegant Högl Loafers with fringes and a golden chain
That’s why Högl shoes have become a key element of my business look. 
Time and time again, I find parallels between Högl shoes and our jewellery. Just like our watches, rings and necklaces, every shoe has a little touch of extravagance, and the loving attention to detail is plain to see. But at the same time, Högl shoes are wonderfully versatile and incredibly comfortable!
We always try to pass on a little piece of advice to our customers in the shop:
an elegant lady watching herself in the mirror, wearing Högl shoes

‘An accessory is only worth as much as the love with which it was chosen.’

I even have some of my favourite Högl shoes in different colours, just because they’re such a good fit and they lend any outfit a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. My motto is: ‘If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour’!

Högl Loafers in different colours


Högl loafers with feimine fringes and a golden chain
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