Palace life in Högl sneakers

Working in the regal surroundings of Schloss Hof Estate

Sophia Sladky feels like she’s stepped back in time when she arrives for work every morning at the baroque Schloss Hof Estate.

My work as Product Manager at Schloss Hof Estate is extremely exciting and varied and the palace is a beautiful place to work. 

Sophia Sladky in front of a beautiful fireplace at her workplace in Hof Castle.Sophia Sladky isn’t visiting, she actually works here.

The baroque gardens of Schloss Hof Estate cover an area of approximately 70 hectares. In addition to my duties in the office, my work also takes me out into the grounds; for example, supervising filming sessions that take place there. 

Sophia Sladky enjoys the view over the beautiful park.
The palace’s artistically designed baroque parkland covers more than 70 hectares.
The Högl Sneaker Glammy cuts a good figure from every perspective.
If you’re looking for Sophia Sladky, she could be anywhere in the grounds, because more beautiful spots for filming sessions or advertising campaigns are being discovered all the time. 

Photo shoots for our advertising campaigns can involve me visiting the adorable animals down on the estate farm, where approximately 200 four-legged friends scamper and roam around. I really love the white baroque donkeys that had foals again this spring.

The managing director has a varied job - here to visit the baroque donkeys.Back in the 18th century, the estate farm looked after the horses and other livestock. Nowadays, visitors can admire its unusual animals, such as the white baroque donkeys. Sophia Sladky organises and coordinates promotional photo sessions.


As my working day also includes official appointments and events, such as exhibition openings, my look plays a key role. Personally, I like my clothes to reflect my cheerful outlook and I often choose to wear colour. I also think it’s important to find the right shoes to match each outfit. They need to be both fashionable and comfortable, as I wear them all day long and cover quite a distance in them.

The fashionable orange jumpsuit can be combined wonderfully with the copper coloured sneaker.
For important events, Sophia Sladky likes to choose fashionable statement pieces like this jumpsuit in bold orange.
Sophia Sladky attaches great importance to comfort in addition to fashionable design!
She pairs it with shoes that are trendy but also comfortable enough to wear all day long.

For me, the Högl brand means tradition and quality. I like the blend of comfort and elegant design, and I love their fashionable sneakers that add a touch of extravagance and pizzazz. These GLAMMY sneakers by Högl with their beautiful bronze tone are extremely versatile, so I can wear them with classic jeans or with a dress.

After a long day at work, I sometimes head back into the palace gardens, strolling through the terraces and unwinding in a hammock or at my favourite spot – the Weinviertel kitchen garden.

A long working day can be perfectly reflected in one of the park's hammocks.After a long day at work, Sophia Sladky likes to take advantage of where she works and relax in the extensive grounds.

Why not come and visit me some time and discover the largest baroque palace in the Vienna area for yourself.

All the best,
Sophia Sladky

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