Celeni - Designed with passion

Dare to be yourself

Eszter Cselényi is the founder of a lifestyle brand designed for educated and powerful, yet feminine women. 

I think being yourself is now more important than ever. It gives you power and, by being brave, simply being yourself, you can change the world. Always remember: you are a woman - a mother, a sister and a daughter. Dare to be yourself!
Portrait of the designer with her two dogs.

‘You are a woman - a mother, a sister and a daughter. Dare to be yourself!’

I’m Eszter Cselényi and I’m a fashion designer. My fashion line Celeni was created in 2012 in Budapest and embraces the female body through precision tailoring to give women of all sizes and ages the opportunity to feel superb in their clothes. Clothing is your second skin, and it has to feel good! Additionally, all of Celeni's products are proudly crafted in Hungary.
Eszter likes to combine Högl shoes with her creations.
Eszter Cselényi’s fashion focuses on everyday luxury, creating classic, but modern pieces season after season, highlighting women's natural beauty.
From Celeni's collection: striped top and a skirt with a modern cut.
For photo shoots or the catwalk, Eszter often chooses Högl shoes to give her models the final touch.
Since launching my label, I’ve been so lucky! I’ve received many prizes - this gave me wings to fly and I established my second brand line, Celeni Wedding. During my free time, I walk a lot and get inspiration from every moment of life. I love my morning yoga and coffee while walking my dogs.
The designer sits with her morning coffee on the bench and wears the Högl Loafer Modesty and a Högl shoulder bag with Leo pattern.
A hot coffee in the morning while walking through the streets is a moment of inspiration for Eszter.
Striking at the Högl Loafer Modesty - the plateau sole.
Högl shoes and bags became a big part of Eszter Cselényi’s private wardrobe. What matters is that they’re comfortable and look cool.
Getting dressed every day is a mini celebration for me. It’s an endless game of my own fantasy of who I want to be that day. My friends know I’m a shoe addict. That’s why I’m so happy to work with Högl! Not only do I love seeing them on my catwalk during fashion week, but also in my own private shoe collection.
I walk a lot in the city, running errands between my home, the showroom and the atelier. I therefore need comfortable shoes with a spark of sexiness. I’ve combined my choice with a Högl belt bag. It’s so cool seeing leo print back on the fashion scene! I love to be myself.

Best wishes

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