On air with Högl

Perfection on screen, and in real life

Liliia Sumarokova is a Russian TV presenter and a true professional. Even at the most stressful and critical moments, she manages to remain chic and elegant. 
I might risk sounding like a cliché, but I love my job. Being a TV presenter and working for a news agency, my colleagues and I inform our viewers and listeners about current events happening all over the world. It’s an extremely exciting job with a lot of responsibility, that requires knowledge, professionalism, focus, a calm head and positive attitude, persistence and diplomacy.
I travel all over Russia, to take part in various international socio-economic forums and public events. I also do plenty of live broadcasts. So being confident in my own skin is one of the most important elements of the job.
Liliia Sumarokova sitting infront of the camera. She is wearing a white blazer, Jeans and Högl pumps.

“So being confident in my own skin is one of the most important elements of the job.”

Key components for an impeccable look are flawless makeup, immaculate clothes and the perfect shoes. Shoes take prime position on this list as I spend most of the day on my feet, moving from one location to another. While on the quest for the perfect shoe solution, I discovered the surprisingly comfortable, stunningly beautiful and breathtakingly bright world of Högl a long time ago.
Liliia Sumarokova practicing her skript shortly before going on air.
Liliia Sumarokova loves these shoes. With their wide block heel and their comfortable toe shaping, even a long day on her feet won’t cause any discomfort.
Liliia Sumarokova loves shopping at Högl. She is sitting in the store and cannot decide which pair of pumps to take.
Whenever Liliia Sumarokova decides to take a quick look in the Högl store, she disappears for several hours.
Over the years I’ve developed a habit: every time I wear Högl shoes I send a mental ‘thank you’ note to the Högl designers for such a perfect combo. But sometimes I feel a little bit guilty: I tell my husband that I’ll only be in the Högl store for 5 minutes, but always seem to spend a couple of hours in there! I’m sure plenty of women out there will understand me ;-)
Best wishes
Liliia Sumarokova
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