In front of the camera with Eva Grünbauer

TV presenter, mum and shoe lover

TV presenter Eva Grünbauer spends a lot of time on her feet, both professionally and at home with her two children, so having the right shoes is a must.

As a TV presenter and gala host, I am on my feet all day long. Live broadcasts, briefings and editorial meetings – that can be pretty punishing for the feet. So it’s great that I have discovered Högl shoes to take me comfortably through my working day.

Eva Grünbauer is a presenter for the Sat.1 channel and is a well-known face on German television. Her appearance is important for her job, and finding the right outfit is a daily challenge. Before every live broadcast, she is styled from head to toe.

I present a live programme every evening: the 30-minute Bavarian programme ‘17:30 Sat.1 Bayern’. We look at economic issues, politics, the news and various other interesting stories from around Bavaria – it’s what’s called an infotainment magazine programme. As the presenter, my outfit is always under scrutiny. Add to that the hours of standing, and having the right shoes is an absolute must. 
Quiet please! Eva Grünbauer tiptoes across the carpet and waits behind the camera for her cue.
Presenting doesn’t necessarily require high heels. Now and then, Eva Grünbauer opts instead for sneakers with an integrated wedge heel. 
I discovered Högl by accident a few years ago. I should mention that I have a bunion and therefore have difficulty finding suitable shoes. I often wear heels at work, as well as on the red carpet or when hosting gala events, and my foot always starts to hurt quite quickly.
Eva Grünbauer is often invited to gala events, where high-heeled shoes are a must. So she values having comfortable heels that she can wear all night long, despite her bunion.

This is not the case with my Högl shoes - the first shoes I’ve ever had which don’t pinch when I wear them. I never want to be without my Högl favourites again! Quite apart from their comfort, I also like the versatility of Högl shoes. From casual sporty styles through to feminine designs with plenty of sex appeal, they’ve got everything.

In my private life, I’m still always on my feet. As a mother of two children, I am always on the go, albeit in flat shoes without a heel. My current everyday shoes are these platinum-coloured Högl sneakers with a wide, modern sole. They are great for a day in the city and also for when it really matters - for running away from the kids when we play tag!
After work, it’s off with the heels and on with the sneakers.
Sporty elegance: it’s on with these Högl VISIONARY dad sneakers to head out with the kids.
I can’t wait to see the styles for the new season!

Best wishes,
Eva Grünbauer
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