One woman and her voice

A strong woman, in the most comfortable of shoes

The stage is her home, classical music her life. Edelina Kaneva is one of Bulgaria’s most successful opera singers.

Edelina Kaneva is one of the most famous women on the stage at the Bulgarian National Music Theatre. She loves the challenges of music and experiments with a wide variety of genres. When she’s not on stage, she’s making studio recordings or sharing her passion by giving lectures and teaching young people to sing.
Edelina Kaneva singend auf der Bühne.
Edelina Kaneva makes a guest appearance at a Högl fashion show.

Shoes have always played an important part in my life. At the same time, I’ve always been a practical person and have usually bought shoes just for their comfort. This means that I have frequently had to forget about style. Then, as my career took off and I had more and more stage appearances, it became clear to me that I would have to switch to shoes that were not only comfortable but also looked good in combination with my stage outfits. When I’m performing as an opera singer or in the theatre, I often have to stand for hours at a time on stage. It’s only if I’m feeling at ease that I can give full vent to my voice and reach out to my audience.

It’s nine years now since I first set off on a concert tour to Vienna. While I was looking for the ‘perfect shoes’ for my performance, I went into a Högl store for the first time. It was love at first sight - and that was when everything changed. Instead of elegant high heels, I left the shop with a pair of silver sneakers: a style of shoe that, up until then, had hardly ever featured in my wardrobe. But I was struck straight away by how these shoes combined sportiness with a great deal of femininity.
Edelina wears a grey cardigan with black trousers and the silver Högl sneaker Glammy.
Whether on impulse to go with a stage outfit, or for a casual style in her role as a singing teacher, these silver GLAMMY Högl sneakers accompany Edelina Kaneva on plenty of occasions.

Then one thing led to another. When I was preparing for a performance, it turned out that I had forgotten the silver ballerinas that I wanted to wear with my maxi dress. Suddenly I had a brilliant idea: with a pair of scissors and a few stitches, I shortened my dress and quickly slipped on my silver Högl sneakers. To my astonishment, the look was met with great applause and, I have to tell you, I’ve never felt so comfortable on stage.
Here Edelina Kaneva wears an elegant evening gown as part of a performance and combines it with the Ballerina Precious.
When she is on stage, one thing is essential: comfortable shoes that don’t detract from the elegance of her outfit in any way. Here Edelina Kaneva is wearing these metallic-effect, PRECIOUS ballerinas with a lavish buckle adorned with sparkling Swarovski® crystals.

Those sneakers were never going to be the only Högl shoes in my collection! Since then, I have bought a perfect style for almost every occasion. Classic heels for my shows, sneakerssneakers for my role as a singing teacher, ankle boots for day-to-day and lots more.
Thank you, Högl!

All the best, Edelina Kaneva
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