Two fashion styles, one love for shoes

So similar, so diverse, but always the perfect team

Mother and daughter Suzy and Sarah Josipović are renowned on the Croatian gastronomic and fashion scene. Alongside their work, they simply adore fashionable shoes – from heels to flats.
My daughter Sarah and I are so similar, and yet so diverse at the same time. For many years now, we’ve been collaborating in perfect harmony on a number of big projects enriching the Croatian fashion and gastronomic scene.
Sarah and her mother Suzy are smiling into the camera. Sarah is wearing a black blazer and business trousers with a golden stripe. Her mother is wearing a fashionable checkered dress with a high waste belt.
Perfect harmony: Passionate about fashion and gastronomy, Sarah and Suzy Josipović work together on many projects

Since my youth, my heart has belonged to fashion

In my youth, I started out as a model before becoming the owner of a successful fashion agency and organiser of Fashion Week Zagreb. Throughout my career, I’ve always found time for my great passion passed down from my mother: cooking. My recipe book is now a bestseller in Croatia.

A loving and fashionable mother

I have three daughters, and as a little girl, my eldest Sarah was always enthralled by her mother's job. She graduated in event management from the Faculty of Economics just like me, and stood by my side on existing projects, quickly dreaming up and executing new ones.
Sarah ist posing in a yellow wing chair. She is wearing a black outfit with the Högl pumps Princess in purple.

Growing up, Sarah Josipović was always enthralled by her mother's job. After graduating in event management just like her mother, she began working by her side on existing and upcoming projects.

We collaborate perfectly on big projects

For the last 5 years, Sarah and I have been organising the Food Film Festival in Zagreb, one of our most popular events. The festival attracts thousands of people from Zagreb as well as tourists. Located right at the heart of the city on the beautiful Zrinjevac promenade, the rich gastronomic offer together with screenings of famous films about food put this festival up there with the best tourism events in Zagreb. In Spring, we’re also organising a Gastro Music Fest at the same location, bringing together great rhythms and food. And in April 2019, our new Place Market project, an after-work event every Friday with the best street food in Zagreb, launches in the beautiful market town of Dolac. 
Mother and daughter are sitting in two wing chairs. They are looking towards each other and reaching each others hand. Sarah is wearing the Högl Pumps Princess in purple and Suzy is wearing the elegant Högl Pumps Jewells.
IA differing taste in fashion, but always a dream team: the mother and daughter are well known on the gastronomic scene.
Sarah and Suzy are posing at a counter. Sarah is sitting on a bar stool and wearing a fashionable black business outfit with a blazer and the platinum Högl bootees Cuddly. Her mother is wearing black Kitz Bootees to her checkered dress.
From heels to fashionable flats like the Booties CUDDLY or KITZ, shoes are particularly important to Suzy and Sarah.

Chic women’s shoes must be both beautiful and comfortable

Both of us adore fashion and have distinctive fashion styles. Shoes are of particular importance to us and need to meet all the criteria when it comes to looking great and feeling fantastic. Over time, I’ve moved from heels to flats for greater comfort. Though Sarah can still easily spend her entire day in heels, she always goes for flat, sporty shoes in her spare time.
As much as we differ when it comes to fashion styles, Högl is definitely the place where we can each find the perfect shoes for our own distinctive look.
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