One woman, one thought: fashion

Costume designer, stylist & influencer

Barbara Repe’s creative prowess is immense - which is why she shares her inspiration with a huge range of people.

I’ve turned my love of fashion into a job I do passionately and devoutly, and am now building a successful international career out of it, too.
Barbara Repe poses at the riverside downtown. She is wearing an extravagant outfit, combining a fur-jacket with the Hoegl pumps Princess in red, which match perfectly to her red hair.
Fashion is her life - so she dedicated her life to fashion.
I live and breathe fashion, which can be seen in the way I present my vibrant combinations in the editorials of well-known Croatian magazines and websites, or in music videos for artists from a whole variety of genres. I advise and dress all sorts of celebrities, as well as "everyday" people looking for unique styles to help them stand out, and at the same time tell their own special story.
Barbara Repe is wearing a silk scarf with yellow ornaments to a fur-jacket, red Hoegl pumps called Princess an blue jeans. It´s a casual-cool look.
IIf you ask Barbara, shoes, and especially heels, are one of her biggest soft spots.
Barbara Repe is combining the red Princess pumps with skinny jeans.These red Högl PRINCESS heels match perfectly with Barbara’s hair and the upcoming Christmas season.
My motto is that every item of clothing can live a few lives, so I often buy clothes from second-hand stores, and especially from the social organisation Humana Nova, which works for the employment of people with disabilities and other socially excluded individuals.
My creative power to really enter each individual story and visualize it down to the last detail has recently lead me into a new sphere – opera! For the second year now, I have been acting as a stylist and visual artist for opera performances in Switzerland, and am hugely enjoying this new life challenge.
Barbara poses laying on a green ornated chair wearing a green kimono which perfectly fits to the chair and especially the sparkling Högl pumps Princess in silver with swarovski crystals.
For two years now, Barbara has been working as a stylist and visual artist for opera performances.
Shoes are my biggest passion, and also my biggest problem! I have size 35 feet and often struggle to find the right model. I love Högl because it’s the one place where you can find fashionable shoes ranging from really small to really large. Comfort shoes and moccasins top my list of most desirable models, because my everyday work involves walking from store to store and then running to filming locations.
Barbara is sitting on a armchair with green ornaments wearing a green kimono in silk optic to the silver Högl PRINCESS Pumps.

"I love Högl because it’s the one place where fashionable children's shoe sizes reign!"

It goes without saying that high heels are irresistible, which is why I passionately collect stilettos to suit all special occasions, which are very frequent in my line of work. I'm in love with my red and silver stiletto heels, and am already thinking of the beautiful Christmas pictures I can create with them for my Instagram page!
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