Mаke yourself stand out with Högl

It’s all about creativity and performance

For Mariela Gemisheva fashion is art, and art is a never-ending process. Shoes are a special way for her to express herself.

Mariela Gemisheva is a fashion designer and performance artist. She creates installations and works of art, and passes her creativity on to others by lecturing in “Fashion Projects” at the National Academy of Art’s fashion department in Sofia. She is famous for her many memorable and innovative experiments in fashion and performance art. For her, art is “a practice, an act of communication, a process, a restlessness – a dynamic that you can use to measure your everyday rhythm”.
Provocation is a key element of her work, which represents self-esteem and personal strength.
Mariela Gemisheva in her studio with the Högl Ankle Boot Wanderer
In her studio, Mariela Gemisheva’s creative ideas come to life. All her sketches and drafts start here.

The absolute prerequisite for a fashion designer and artist like me is a strong personal presence wherever I am, especially when I am with other people, which is an everyday occurrence.
Mariela Gemisheva with clothes from her fashion label FAC®. She also wears the sneaker Futurgo.
Mariela Gemisheva loves to express herself, especially by wearing her own label FAC® clothes.
Mariela Gemisheva sits confidently on a chair and wears the ankle boot Masterpiece
Högl shoes are her mainstay for many situations, and boost her self-esteem.
Over the past few seasons, my energy and outlook have helped me achieve this, but another very valuable discovery has helped me personally and professionally, namely Högl shoes.
Mariela Gemisheva wears the sneaker Futurgo during her work.
For work, Mariela Gemisheva prefers comfortable designs, like this Högl FUTURGO sneaker.
Mariela Gemisheva loves the Högl ankle boot Wanderer
A strong appearance starts with bold shoes, such as the WANDERER boot from Högl.
The shoe is the most important functional accessory in a contemporary woman's wardrobe, and it is not just this beautiful accessory’s popular cult status that excites me; I am excited by the self-assuredness, comfort and pleasure that a high quality, perfect shoe can provide.
Mariela Gemisheva wears sneakers from Högl to her elegant outfit

“I am excited by the self-assuredness, comfort and pleasure that a high quality, perfect shoe can provide. (…) Make yourself stand out with Högl.“

At the studio, on the street, at a special event, on the stage - wherever a fashion designer’s dynamism and persona is required: make yourself stand out with Högl.

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