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Forever changing roles

Hannemie Stitz-Krämer enjoys switching between her roles as fashion expert, PR specialist and grandmother. The variety keeps her on her toes.

Hannemie Stitz-Krämer, founder of the FRANKFURT STYLE AWARD, has run what has since become the International Talent Contest for Fashion & Design since 2008.
The flagship project for the Frankfurt metropolitan area keeps the internationally successful PR expert “on her toes” in the truest sense. But it’s not just talent in fashion design she’s passionate about, but also Public Relations Partners GmbH in Kronberg, the agency she managed for over thirty years which is now headed up by her daughter and son-in-law. Which leaves her just enough time for days out with her grandchildren, Luis and Oskar, and her husband’s lively German Hunting Terrier Theo, giving her plenty of variety in life alongside her work.

“Since I fell in love with the Högl brand, my average 16-hour days and constant swapping of roles doesn’t stress me out anymore. As someone who is six foot tall with the big feet to match (size 42), it has never been easy to satisfy my desire for fashionable and, above all, comfortable shoes. While on my Easter shopping trip, I discovered my favourite colours for the summer season at Högl, which always matched my outfits perfectly on those unexpected early summer days in April.”

In the invitation to take part in the International Contest for Fashion & Design, the event organiser always announces an annual theme. 2017/18 saw 400 participants from around the world apply under the slogan “MODERN REALITY” - #working; #sporting; #dating. The Top 60 qualified for the final and took over international catwalks. The Högl brand was and is part of that.
Here’s the winning design by Agota Pfening from the Dublin Institute of Design, displayed in the Högl Store in the MainTaunusZentrum, Sulzbach.
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