Högl is my lucky charm

Be a professional but look smart

Faniya Shaimukhametova – the Honoured Doctor and Russia’s leading neurologist – shares how Högl makes her career easier and her life brighter.
Faniya Shaimukhametova, Russia's leading neurologist in her workplace
Faniya Shaimukhametova is an honoured doctor and leading neurologist in Russia. Her Högl shoes accompany her on all kinds of occasions.

I purchased my first pair of Högl shoes when I was still a student in Dresden. Fast forward a couple of decades, and I was buying Högl in an Ufa store in Russia for my first meeting with the president!

As a neurologist at the Bashkir State Medical University clinic, I’m always on the go, constantly moving from one place to another. But Högl shoes keep my feet comfortably on the ground, while ensuring a graceful look. Because personal appearance plays a vital role in the medical profession – patients like to be treated by well-dressed doctors and tend to trust them more. “Be a professional but look smart”: that’s my motto.
Faniya Shaimukhametova with her white doctor coat and matching white Högl heels

“Personal appearance plays a vital role in the medical profession – patients like to be treated by well-dressed doctors and tend to trust them more. ‘Be a professional but look smart’: that’s my motto.”

A trustworthy, neat appearance is the most important factor for becoming a successful doctor.

But life goes on even after work - with sport, dance classes, swimming, gardening and taking care of my family playing a huge role in helping me recharge my batteries after a stressful day.

I climbed the mountains and enjoyed breathtaking views in my Högl sneakers. We conquered Paris together. I’ve experienced plenty of magnificent moments and felt a tonne of colourful emotions while wearing my Högl shoes.
Russia's leading neurologist wears a colorful dress with black Högl heels
White for work, colourful in her free time. Faniya has the right pair of Högl shoes for even her liveliest outfits.
Faniya Shaimukhametova takes time out for herself and her feet - she enjoys the view at the window
A moment to unwind. Always on the go due to her busy schedule, Faniya Shaimukhametova takes timeouts consciously – including for her feet.
I received the title of Honoured Doctor of Bashkortostan and a number of other rewards with Högl on my feet. The shoes are always comfortable and I can totally depend on their reliability and durability. Some of them have been right by my side for several years, and remain just expressive and high quality as ever.
Faniya Shaimukhametova stylishly in one of her outfits - of course with matching Högl heels
Short hikes, city trips, award ceremonies – Faniya’s wardrobe contains just the right Högl model.
Faniya Shaimukhametova stylishly in her flowery dress with colorful Högl heels
Faniya Shaimukhametova’s outfits reflect her positive and cheerful attitude.
For me, Högl has long been my good luck charm. Maybe that’s the reason my outfits with Högl shoes have such a charming look.

Dreams do come true! Especially when you’re wearing Högl.
Faniya Shaimukhametova in one of her favourite dresses, which is overlooked with beautiful poppies
Faithfully yours,
Faniya Shaimukhametova
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