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Bloggers from around the world invite you on style dates with our shoes, Högl wearers give you a personal glimpse into their exciting everyday lives in our footwear, and our beautiful Austria shows off its most stunning and elegant side. So read on and let the articles inspire you!
#hoglathome: how are the Högl team spending their free time at home?

Topfenstriezel with marzipan and pistachio filling

Social media manager Maria is baking an Austrian Topfenstriezel with marzipan and pistachio filling - and no need for yeast.

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Change out of your pyjamas!

Feel good and look good at home

We’re staying at home. Keeping indoors every day has its challenges, but this feel-good look (bold with colour, but oh-so-easy) is just what the doctor ordered.

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Seductive insights

Transparency is on trend

She's waited long enough: now it's time. Shortstoriesandskirts is letting spring into her wardrobe.

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Fresh as a summer breeze

A stylish spring statement

Combining blue and white evokes Mediterranean flair, adding a care-free freshness to your summer looks.

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Easy breezy summer shoes

Högl heels in woven leather

The woven leather shoe is this spring’s fashion highlight. Missmondo has styled this it-piece just for you.

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Spring freshness

Nude heels: versatile everyday style

Feminine heels with cool jeans – this stylish contrast is bang on trend in the fashion world and perfect for this brighter season.

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A shoe last factory in the Bauhaus style

The Fagus Factory in Alfeld

For decades, Högl has sourced its shoe lasts from the world’s greatest manufacturer: the Fagus Factory in Alfeld.

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Högl meets Bauhaus

The Architecture of Shoes

Every Högl shoe is a tangible fusion of fine art and craftsmanship: it is designed, constructed and hand-finished with passion.

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Inspired by nature

White sneakers for spring

Less is more! Natural fabrics, shapes and colours set the tone for this year’s summer fashion trends.

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An effortless business look

Stylish in black and beige

Beige and black offer a wardrobe full of opportunities. These colours are utterly timeless and go with almost anything.

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Straight from the heart ♥

Be my Valentine!

Newly wed Julietta_mademoiselle knows that it isn’t just the material things that can fill your heart with love.

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Candy colours: rosé and sage

Fashion ‘Light’

Whenever we’re after a fresh and easy look, pastels are our go-to shades, adding a subtle warmth to our clothes and accessories.

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A shoe- blast from the past!

Feminine dad sneakers by Högl

With the VISIONARY, a feminine reinterpretation of the dad sneaker, Högl proves that the 90s trend is far from ugly.

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Bauhaus - the most important art school of the 20th century

Högl meets Bauhaus

When artists and craftspeople share a vision, unique creations are born – and this goes for Högl too!

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Walking through the city

Hiking Sneakers by Högl

Whether you love the great outdoors or city life, hiking sneakers make the leap from mountain trails to the catwalk.

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