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Immerse yourself in the world of Högl, where it’s all about the latest fashion and lifestyle news and trends and our beautiful homeland of Austria.  

Bloggers from around the world invite you on style dates with our shoes, Högl wearers give you a personal glimpse into their exciting everyday lives in our footwear, and our beautiful Austria shows off its most stunning and elegant side. So read on and let the articles inspire you!
Between fashion shows, castings and events

New York Fashion Week with Alla Kostromichova

Running from through NY from one event to another, Alla Kostromichova relies on comfortable but ladylike shoes. 

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A fleet-footed climb

Spring awakening

Explore Austria’s most beautiful castles and palaces with Högl 

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Pleats - the versatile skirt for every day

Spring is on its way!

This springtime look radiates happiness and joie de vivre. Ideal for combating those wintry grey tones.

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The fashion comeback: white boots

So Soho!

White boots are back on our streets this season, in all sorts of different style combinations. Laetitia, from MissMondo, explains her romantic street style look!

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A winter’s daydream from head to toe

From the sewing workshop

Hat designer Elisabeth Spatz-Distler lifts the lid on her sewing box and tells us how her Högl shoes and her sewing machine work together.

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On Cloud Seven

Walking on glamorously

Do you ever just wish you could fly? Kristin Hesse knows how it feels wearing the feather-light  Högl-Sneakers THE CLOUD.

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Sporty looks with a hint of romance are both comfortable and trendy!

A casual sporty look with style

Casual, yes, but always classy. Even a casual look needs that special extra something.

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A classic for relaxing days out

Casual loafers

Loafers are perfect for a leisurely stroll around town or for a cool party, says Nina Wro from ‘you rock my life’.

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Fashion update: loafer mules

Incredibly comfortable, but still a statement piece

Loafer mules are one of this season’s key pieces. Louisa, from Louiblog, loves creating contrasts: here she teams a pair of loafer mules with knitwear and a hat.

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Gingham check, a spring favourite

Check it out...

This styling tip with a “picnic blanket design” and spring-like colours whets the appetite for those first mild spring days!

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Versatile classics

One outfit - a thousand possibilities

Loafers, blouses and blazers are wardrobe staples for any fashion-conscious woman. Combined in the right way, they open up all kinds of style possibilities

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Love is in the details

A visit to Stadelmann’s Jewellers

For Silke Stadelmann, Högl shoes embody the very same values she wants to convey to her customers: quality, expertise and passion.

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If it glitters, it’s in!

Golden times

In gold sequined sneakers from Högl, Nina from NinaWro is beaming like the spring sunshine.

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Think pink!

Fashion is what dreams are made of

Are you already looking forward to your first strawberry ice-cream of the year, or some delicious candyfloss at the spring festival?

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Salty Caribbean air

Wind in my hair

Malena alias Fashion container is standing high on the 15th floor deck of the cruise ship.

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