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Bloggers from around the world invite you on style dates with our shoes, Högl wearers give you a personal glimpse into their exciting everyday lives in our footwear, and our beautiful Austria shows off its most stunning and elegant side. So read on and let the articles inspire you!
Velvety look for autumn

Ballerinas with fur decoration

Things are getting opulent, sophisticated and elegant. In autumn, it’s all about extravagant, luxuriously soft decoration and materials.

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Sustainable natural wood furniture from Upper Austria

Austrian craftsmanship

TEAM 7, the pioneer of natural wood furniture located in the Upper Austrian town of Ried, has teamed up with the best designer in the world: nature itself.

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A change of season for your wardrobe

Women’s sneakers with charm and sparkle

Time for a rethink and to start pondering your first autumn outfit.

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High-top sneakers fashion highlight

Flying high in the fashion capital

High-top sneakers make it easy to run through Paris from photo shoots to fashion shows.

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Opulence with faux fur and inspired colour

Women’s slip-ons with a cosy look

From ochre to yellow, right through to sunflower, Kristin Hesse likes to combine these opulent women’s slip-ons with bold autumnal tones.

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Off to the beach bar!

Summer, sun, sand

Relax with Högl at the most beautiful beach bars in Austria

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Boudoir sisters

The “regional queens of couture”

For over 16 years, sisters Morana Saračević and Martina Čičko Karapetrić have been living out their dream, running one of Croatia’s most famous fashion labels.

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D’Orsay cut Ballerinas

Femininity with a cool edge

If Füsun Lindner, alias Short Stories & Skirts, goes for flats instead of heels, you know there’s something extraordinary about them.

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Comfort every step of the way

Between castings, meetings and photoshoots

German top model Luisa Hartema is successful all over the world. In her everyday life as a model, she dresses with confidence, style and, above all, comfort! 

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Cool denim meets feminine details

Playful, casual look

Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that really make an outfit.

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Slide sandals in snuggly faux fur

Summer in the city

Fur mules are bang on trend! Nina from yourockmylife agrees, and loves to combine them with an elegant summer look.

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Forever changing roles

Fashion, PR, family

Hannemie Stitz-Krämer enjoys switching between her roles as fashion expert, PR specialist and grandmother. The variety keeps her on her toes.

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This summer’s must-have: peep-toe mules

A fashion high

Blogger twins Desiree and Jennifer appreciate elegance with a touch of extravagance...

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My key to success

Spirit, creativity and positive attitude

One day isn't enough to save the world – but Ana Lisak tries hard, every day in a new way.

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Sparkling highlights and sleek design

Metallic summer slides

For Leonie Rachel, these platinum slide sandals are the perfect glamorous companion to her summer look.

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