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Immerse yourself in the world of Högl, where it’s all about the latest fashion and lifestyle news and trends and our beautiful homeland of Austria.  

Bloggers from around the world invite you on style dates with our shoes, Högl wearers give you a personal glimpse into their exciting everyday lives in our footwear, and our beautiful Austria shows off its most stunning and elegant side. So read on and let the articles inspire you!
Fifty shades of beige

Högl heels – stylish and comfortable

Missmondo loves neutral creamy beige and styles it with late summer on-trend accessories like these heels in a deep amber tone.

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In close touch with nature

Actress, and so much more

Jordán Adél is not only an actress but also a dynamic woman full of soul.

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Inspired by nature

Stretch slip-ons by Högl

The nature trend in more ways than one: natural materials for hot summer days. Breezy linen is on trend, as well as practical.

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Not just for art connoisseurs

Vienna – the capital of Art Nouveau

Viennese architects and artists created magnificent works that are still admired all over the world to this day.

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Rosé s’il vous plaît.

Elegant ballerina pumps by Högl

For Julietta_mademoiselle, pale rosé pink ballerina pumps are the epitome of romance and femininity.

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Houndstooth at every step

Checked ankle boots from Högl

Checks dominate fashion this autumn. Even ankle boots need to fall into line – in trendy houndstooth.

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Perfection on screen, and in real life

On air with Högl

Whenever she goes into a Högl store, Liliia Sumarokova disappears for several hours to stock up on shoes for her TV appearances in Russia.

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Be your own muse

Checked heels by Högl

For Shortstoriesandskirts, fashion is a way to show the world who she is: a mighty woman with attitude.

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A wild cat in the office

Leopard-print heels by Högl

A beginner’s guide to leopard print. Relax the strict business dress code with some shoes in animal print.

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Seconds out for these cool companions!

Boxer sneakers by Högl

There’s an art to styling an outfit that’s one colour from head to toe. With this summery look, it’s the accessories that provide all the finishing touches.

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Vienna’s most beautiful parks and green spaces

Oases in the heart of Vienna

What gives Högl’s home city such a good quality of life? It’s almost the greenest city you’ll ever find!

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Find your own happiness

A passion for food

Go shopping and get paid for it – doesn’t that sound like a dream? For Nataly Bondarenko, this is reality.

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Cool characters with delicate accents

Dad sneakers from Högl in new colours

An all-rounder with star potential, all day long. The new Högl dad sneakers add a touch of coolness to feminine street-style looks!

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“Leo and the City”

Högl leopard-print sneaker

Ready for the urban jungle? Missmondo creates two looks to show how to match animal print accessories.

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Makeup artist and mum

Fashion is my passion

She is the woman behind the scenes on fashion shows and TV programmes in Poland, as well as a mother with plenty of heart and soul.

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