Hiking Sneakers by Högl

Walking through the city

Whether you love the great outdoors or city life, hiking sneakers make the leap from mountain trails to the catwalk.

Winter is approaching and we should be looking forward to cosying up against the cold! There’s no time like the present to start thinking about the right footwear for the colder months.
Grey Ginger looks into the distance.
Grey Ginger doesn’t need a crystal ball to see that winter’s around the corner. When it comes to style, she’s got everything covered.
You already know all about my love for biker boots, but today, I’ve got to introduce you to the latest key piece on my shoe rack. This new trend immediately caught my attention: introducing hiking sneakers - where hiking boots meet sneakers! The designers at Högl have picked up on this hot trend for the cold season, developing a shoe that is sporty and elegant at the same time, and, of course, ultra feminine too.
The Hiking Sneaker Hitchhiker by Högl - a hybrid of Sneaker and hiking boot.
If you look closely, you’ll notice that the design on the bronze patent leather is made up of little Högl ‘H’s.
The HITCHHIKER is the name of these extraordinary sneakers. Their chunky ridged soles are reminiscent of hiking boots, as are the laces. In other ways, though, the HITCHKHIKER couldn’t look less like practical footwear. A unique combination of materials showcases the shoe’s extravagant, feminine Högl signature style. Velvet and gold detailing meets shimmering bronze logo patent with the Högl ‘H’ design. Its sophisticated styling gives this hiking sneaker an elegant kick!
Grey ginger wears the hiking sneaker hitchhiker by Högl.

"Velvet und gold detailing meets shimmering bronze logo patent with the Högl H design. Its sophisticated styling gives this hiking sneaker an elegant kick!"

The trekking trend reflects my passion for unexpected style contrasts perfectly. It doesn’t take much for the HITCHHIKER to steal the limelight; after all, these shoes make a statement all on their own. I wear them with elegant wardrobe staples like a blazer and paper bag trousers, because with simple styling, hiking sneakers look just as at home in the streets as they do in the office.
The Hiking Sneaker Hitchhiker by Högl has a striking lacing and a bronze-colored pattern in Högl logo design.
The laces immediately call to mind the classic hiking boot, but once you're laced in, you don't need to undo them; there's a handy zipper for getting them on and off.
Grey ginger combines simple basics with the Högl Hiking Sneakers Hitchhiker.
A few simple essentials are enough to complete a look, as all eyes will be on the show-stopping HITCHHIKER sneaker.
What’s more, these Högl sneakers meet the criteria of all good autumn and winter companions:  they’re waterproof with non-slip soles.  On the inner side, there's a zipper that will save you time and effort - why struggle with those laces?! If you like, you could even take out the insole and swap it for a cosy, furry one, when it gets really frosty.
I know I'll make it through this winter, and keep looking stylish whatever the weather!
Best wishes, Grey Ginger

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