Black biker ankle boots by Högl

Buckles + laces = a bold look!

Whether the dress code is casual, professional or elegant and feminine, every look can handle a little bit of rock’n’roll.
Grey_ginger wears a black and white outfit with Högl biker boots.
Grey_ginger is ready for autumn, showing off one of her ‘it’ pieces for the season: black biker ankle boots by Högl.

Is your wardrobe autumn-ready? I finished prepping mine just in time. There’s one piece that I’m particularly proud of and it’s an absolute must-have for the colder months: the biker boot. It’s a wardrobe essential that everyone ought to have. When it comes to this kind of item, quality and wearability are key. Högl have managed to offer both in these HIGHLANDER boots! Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but their timeless design can turn any outfit into a stylish look.
Black & White
I love creating looks that reflect my love of fashion, whether I’m picking up on new trends or experimenting with a mix of styles. For my first look today, I’m relying on black and white, paired with simple, high-quality pieces, for a look with that certain je ne sais quoi. The sleeveless blazer is a twist on a classic and goes well with the boots’ rock-chick vibe. In contrast to the slim-fitting boots, the white, pleated linen trousers are wide cut and three-quarter length. They stop just above the shoes, allowing them to really come into their own.
Grey_ginger in her outfit and the Högl biker boots Highlander.
Black meets white. Elegance meets rock’n’roll. Grey_ginger pushes feminine coolness to the extreme with this autumn style switch up.
The black biker boots Highlander by Högl are made of quality leather.
Wide trousers over a narrow boot: create contrast with mismatching shapes.
The boot’s narrow lines look super feminine, creating the appearance of slim legs, and the buckles really complete this quintessential biker look. I especially love the attention in the silver detail on the heel. 

Grey_ginger combines the Högl boots Highlander with white trousers and a dark blazer.

“The boot’s narrow lines look super feminine, creating the appearance of slim legs, and the buckles really complete this quintessential biker look. I especially love the attention put into the silver detail on the heel.”

If you want to combine contrasting styles in a playful way, these HIGHLANDER boots are ideal. Whether you wear them with elegant pleated trousers or with a light dress or skirt - the styling possibilities are endless. That’s why I’ve put together a second look for you.

Biker boots meet leopard print

Bring leopard print and cool ankle boots together to unleash a casual feminine street style.
The way the skirt moves is ultra-feminine and makes a perfect contrast with the black HIGHLANDER boots. The green oversized blazer is a fashion experiment that’s not for everyone. I’m all for autumnal hues, but here the colour really pops, bringing a burst of energy to the outfit!
Grey_ginger wears a leopard print skirt, a green blazer and the bootees Highlander by Högl.
Cool animal appeal, but still feminine. Although it’s straight out of a summer wardrobe, the leopard-print skirt can still be worn in the cooler months with some autumnal accessories.
Grey_ginger is walking down the street in her new Högl bootees.
Two autumn trends come together brilliantly. If this look doesn’t have enough rock chic for you, simply swap the green blazer for a leather jacket.
The great thing about this look is its practicality: as the skirt is long and the boots are high-cut, you can rock it well into the autumn. I'm looking forward to the colder months so I can show you more styling possibilities for my new favourite boots!

Lots of love,

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