Trendy signs of spring

Pink passion

Nina from you rock my life waxes lyrical about the new trend for feel-good pinks in all kinds of different shades.

Bloggerin Nina ist ein großer Fan von Högl Schuhen

As soon as Christmas and New Year are over, we all start longing for the days to get warmer – but unfortunately spring is still some way off yet.

There are a few tricks you can try, though, to help make the long wait for the first signs of spring a little more bearable. Here’s a tip for everyone who can’t wait to show off their new shoes: wear your new ballerinas in the office! 

Pastellfarbener Pullover mit schlichten Skinny Jeans zu den schicken Ballerinas von Högl.

Högl Ballerinas in glänzendem Lackleder. Das feminine Rosé bildet einen schönen Kontrast zu den dunklen Hosen.

This spring, we don’t need rose-tinted glasses to see everything in pink! Why? Because pink is one of the biggest trend colours of this season. This feel-good colour is everywhere this year, in numerous different shades ranging from vibrant to pastel. Pink shoes, handbags and other accessories are a great match for lots of different looks, and lend a certain special something to any outfit. 
Der schicke Högl Ballerina in rose lässt sich super mit schlichten Hosen kombinieren.
Feminin und sportlich zugleich. Bloggerin Nina kombiniert die Högl Ballerinas zu schlichten Hosen und einem pastellfarbenen Pullover
Feels like spring already, doesn’t it?

Der Högl Ballerina PRETTY überzeugt durch weiches Lackleder und der femininen Farbe Rose
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