High, higher, over-the-knee!

This autumn’s footwear essential

Leonie reveals what you need to consider in your hunt for the perfect over-the-knee boots
Autumn’s here and you probably just want to wrap up warm and snug at home. 
Everyone feels like that, don’t they? 
Well, not me, because I recently discovered these Högl over-the-knee boots. 

Over-the-knee boots have a very high leg that reaches up to the knee, giving you that 
Julia-Roberts-in-Pretty-Woman look I imagine so many of us would like to achieve. To make sure this style retains its classiness, here are my best tips on how to really work this look. Because when over-the-knee boots are styled correctly, they really do create lovely, endlessly long legs. 

Tip #1 An accurate fit
Be sure to get the right fit before making your purchase. If the boots are too baggy around your legs, you’ll soon end up looking like a fancy-dress pirate. However, if the boots are too tight, they may well bunch up, and could also cut off your circulation, leading to discomfort and pain.
If you’re not sure how they should look, ask at the shop for advice. 

Tip #2 Less is more
Relevant to so many different areas of life, the “less is more” approach also applies when choosing what to wear with your over-the-knee boots. I’d suggest going for a plain and simple cut. Long tops and jumpsuits go very well with these boots, and knitted dresses are also a beautiful match. Showing just an inch or two of skin between the top of the boot and your clothes creates a sexy edge. 
My bonus tip: The shorter your outfit is, the flatter your boots should be. This is because over-the-knee boots can easily look cheap - and it goes without saying that this is not the look we’re after. 

Tip #3 Just one leather item
Over-the-knee boots together with a leather dress or skirt is definitely too much of a good thing. These boots are best off combined with a more basic outfit. Also, avoid wearing fishnet tights with over-the-knee boots. 

Tip #4 No-makeup makeup
Try not to go overboard on the makeup. A nude look, also known as ‘no-makeup makeup’, is ideal here. 
Tip #5 Don’t match with trousers
If you want to combine over-the-knee boots with trousers this autumn, go for the jeans option. Brightly coloured varieties would stand out best. However, I personally find that these boots don’t work so well with trousers at all, regardless of whether they’re denim or any other fabric. This is especially this case if you’re short, as you can easily look squished in them. I'm 5ft3 and am always keen to look taller if I can, so the over-the-knee boot and jeans combination is a definite no-no for me.  

And in winter? 
In winter, I’d go for a turtleneck dress. However, make sure it comes down to around 4-6 inches above the knee.

Have a great time styling your new over-the-knee boots!
Yours, Leonie

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