Boxer sneakers by Högl

Seconds out for these cool companions!

There’s an art to styling an outfit that’s one colour from head to toe. With this summery look, it’s the accessories that provide all the finishing touches.

When it comes to picking out an outfit with more than one component, we tend to opt for two different colours. We all have our tried and tested combinations and we feel at ease when we play it safe. However, one of the hardest skills to master with colour styling is not mixing black with white, but instead combining several garments of the same colour.
In our styling tip we’ll show you how to conjure up an on-trend, sophisticated, head-to-toe look. This duo of creamy tan trousers and blouse looks like it could be a one-piece. Both are made of the same fabric and give a straight, relaxed silhouette. To emphasize the waist, the blouse can be tied into a knot at the point where the high-waisted trousers end. If you want to spice up this chic summer look with a little sex appeal, you could artfully reveal a glimpse of the romantic lacy bra or top you’re wearing underneath.
The right accessories can add even more of a thrill to the outfit: boxer sneakers. This season they have finally made it into the world of fashion, contrasting strongly with this feminine street style. Inspired by the boxing and wrestling boots of the 70s, the Högl designers have created a new high-top style that couldn’t look any more athletic. To make sure the trousers don’t completely conceal these Högl BOXER sneakers, you could either tuck them casually into the boot tops, or follow the latest trend of rolling them up.

Trousers: MANGO
Blouse: MANGO
Bralette: PALMERS
A casual outfit combined with the Högl Sneakers BOXER.

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