Leopard-print heels by Högl

A wild cat in the office

A beginner’s guide to leopard print. Relax the strict business dress code with some shoes in animal print.

Everyone starts out small - and that goes for animal print too. Not every woman wants to go immediately for this flamboyant wild cat pattern in large blocks, or for an all-over look. If you don’t want to overdo the animal accents, it may be better to pick accessories such as these leopard-print heels by Högl. These SERENA stilettos have the wow factor with their mix of black wet-look patent, Leohair (faux fur) and fashionable queenie heels.
In our styling tip, we’ll show you how easy it is to upgrade your office look of blazer and trousers with a small item in leopard print. This checked, double-breasted blazer has a classic, quite sophisticated style. To make it look less formal and tie it in with the leopard-print heels, we’ve paired it with some skinny faux leather trousers. They give the outfit a feminine touch and an extra hint of extravagance. Their material is mirrored in the wet-look patent toes of these heels. And that’s all there is to it: a feminine business look with animal magnetism!
Faux leather trousers: ZARA
Blazer, Shirt: H&M
Blazer, shirt: Högl
Ein Outfit bestehend aus kariertem Blazer und Lederhose kombiniert mit den Högl Pumps SERENA.

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