High-top sneakers in shiny snake-effect

A look full of contrasts

The world is a stage, and fashion is the expression of our personality. You choose what you wear and how you wear it.

‘Opposites attract’ – that phrase doesn’t just describe relationships. In fashion too, sometimes we have to reach into our bag of tricks and use different styles to make outfits look really exciting. Contrasts are usually created by using different colours, materials and styles.

In our example, it’s not the colour that is the contradiction, but instead the style and the material that make you want to keep checking it out, in order to define the look. It is a combination of elegance and street style, femininity and coolness. The long, ruched lace blouse is a playful and romantic throwback to a bygone age. On top of that is a classic black blazer, which almost every woman has in her wardrobe, but for this styling tip we’ve rung the changes by adding a distinctive statement belt to emphasise the waist. Shorts, cut like joggers, counterbalance the elegance of the blazer and blouse combination with a trendier, casual style. Fashionistas who are not feeling quite so bold can also replace the shorts with a skirt.

This high-top VIPER sneaker continues the outfit’s contrasting style and strikes the balance between sporty and fashionable with flying colours. Shiny leather with snakeskin embossing gives this shoe an extra touch of class and makes a confident style statement.

Who would have thought that casual looks and elegant pieces could work so well together and that sporty looks could be so glamorous?
A black blazer combines with a white lace blouse, casual pants and the Högl sneakers VIPER in shiny sneake-effect.

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