Högl leopard-print sneaker

„Leo and the City“

Ready for the urban jungle? Missmondo creates two looks to show how to match animal print accessories.

There’s nothing more exciting than exploring a new city with your partner or best friend. People often ask me if I still enjoy travelling and if there’s much left that I haven’t already seen. All I can say is that I may have visited a lot of different places, but there is definitely so much left for me to experience. Each time I visit cities like New York and Miami, places I've been to many times before, I see them through fresh eyes.
The blogger MissMondo presents herself with a nude hat, big sunglasses, striking earrings, a plain white blouse and a pink coat.
Missmondo loves the world’s big cities. Each time she visits, she discovers something new about herself and her surroundings, inspiring her to create looks that emphasise her personality and the urban setting.
On the other hand, I always plan my travels in the same way. I write lists, search out flea markets, cafés and restaurants to visit and ask friends for good insider tips before I actually set off.
Although experience has turned me into an expert, I still find it hard to decide whether my wardrobe should be functional or chic when it comes to actually packing my suitcase. But one thing is for certain: practical clothes AND, above all, comfortable shoes are essential for city breaks.
So, I'm delighted to see that Högl has combined both these aspects to create the new FURRY sneaker: a real trendsetter with its stylish leopard-print details. The combination of suede on the toe, patent leather on the heel and faux leopard fur makes this sneaker a real eye-catcher!
The Högl Sneaker Furry captivates with its material mix of patent, suede, smooth leather and imitation leathers.
The combination of patent, suede, leather and leopard-skin creates an ultra-stylish sneaker for power women.

And EVEN BETTER, this sports shoe doesn’t just look good but is also super comfortable!
I knew immediately what I would be wearing to explore New York and Miami.

New York, New York!

New York is definitely my favourite city and Greenwich Village was on my schedule last time I visited. This is where Carrie Bradshaw lived in “Sex and the City”, so this neighbourhood has a particular cult status for me. The tree-lined streets and charming town houses give this district east of Washington Square Park, between Chelsea and Soho, a very special feel. Things are a little calmer here and I almost forgot that I was in a city.
The perfect location for a street style shoot to showcase my stylish leopard-print sneakers!
MissMondo's city outfit is not without a large handbag in addition to the comfortable Högl sneakers.
In the fashion capital New York, it’s all about standing out from the crowd. Missmondo chooses a casually elegant look in delicate colours with stylish accessories.
The Högl Sneakers Furry.
This platform leopard-print sneaker grabs your attention without using its teeth, adding plenty of girl power to boost a clean look.

Miami – the magical city

Miami, in the Sunshine State of Florida, is yet another stunning city. I’ve already visited six times and I think it offers the perfect mix of beach, sport and culture. My personal highlight is the wonderfully-preserved Art Deco district in the heart of South Beach. The glamour of bygone times can still be felt there, which is why I find this area so exciting. South Beach was the perfect backdrop for photographing and presenting another highlight of the Högl collection for autumn/winter 2019: the BESTY leopard-print clutch. Its clip-on leather strap means it also be worn as a cross-body bag and it goes perfectly with the leopard-print sneakers to create a casual evening look.
In Miami MissMondo wears airy white trousers and a light blue top to the Högl sneakers FURRY.
Miami offers summer, sunshine and a zest for life all year long. Missmondo’s light and airy look combines girl power and elegance.
Matching the sneakers there is the Högl Clutch BESTY in Leo look.
The Högl BESTY clutch features the same faux leopard fur as the FURRY sneaker and perfectly complements any look, from daytime to evening.
Pair this trendy bag with a combination of sneakers, light trousers and a one shoulder top to create the perfect outfit for going out!
I hope you have enjoyed my little “Leo and the City” tour! Have fun discovering new cities and destinations.

Your MissMondo

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