Checked heels by Högl

Be your own muse

For Shortstoriesandskirts, fashion is a way to show the world who she is: a mighty woman with attitude.

Fashion. It’s the ultimate self-expression, and even if you choose not to follow it, you’re still making a statement. You see, our clothes have the ability to tell the world anything and everything about us, and yet we so often let the workplace stifle our individual flair!
Portrait of the successful blogger Füsun Lindner.
Shortstoriesandskirts does follow fashion, but never without adding her own personality to her looks.

But in a world where being your own muse is the very best thing you can be, this needn’t be the case! Personally, when I’m working, I try to keep my looks just as stylish as they are serious. It’s important to show a certain level of effort when power dressing. It sends out a message, both of appreciation and respect, but staying on trend is also a huge part of my job. So how can you showcase your own authentic style, whilst remaining appropriate for the workplace? Well, think elegant and chic staples, teamed with fun statement accessories. It’s the easiest way to inject a little personality into any look, whilst still ensuring you’ll be taken seriously. 
The skirt with houndstooth pattern underlines the look of the Högl Pumps Swing.
When Shortstoriesandskirts is working, she wants to look both stylish and serious.
The blogger is leaning against a pillar with her business outfit consisting of a white blouse and a pencil skirt with a houndstooth pattern.
Her power-dressing sends out a message of both appreciation and respect.
Which brings me onto these houndstooth heels by Högl: my latest ‘go to’ serious but stylish shoes! They’re perfect to wear for work, but still comfortable enough for running from one appointment to the other. Chic enough to be taken seriously in, and cool enough to make a style statement! What more could you ask for? 
The Pumps Swing in detail.
With houndstooth, you’ll attract attention and exude class. The black and white contrast pattern of these Högl SWING heels will give any simple outfit an upgrade. 

This houndstooth print, synonymous with country pursuits and royalty, strikes the perfect balance when worn in the city too. And if it’s good enough for royalty, well then, it’s good enough for a hard-working woman like me!

So why not give it a try for yourself, and experiment with your own accessories? Remember to reflect who you are, unleash your own power, and let everyone know that you’ve arrived, and that this is your true self. As the best thing of all about fashion is its ability to communicate with clothes, reap these positive benefits and rock the world of workwear! Because your only muse is you! 
Shortstoriesandskirts sitzt mit Ihren Högl Pumps auf einem Stuhl in einem malerischen Innenhof.

Remember to reflect who you are, unleash your own power, and let everyone know that you’ve arrived, and that this is your true self. (…) Because your only muse is you! 


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