Högl heels – stylish and comfortable

Fifty shades of beige

Missmondo loves neutral creamy beige and styles it with late summer on-trend accessories like these heels in a deep amber tone.

The year kicked off with fashion weeks in Paris and Milan featuring a major colour trend: women wearing beige! 
Bloggerin missmondo mit beigen Hut, großen Shades und beigem Mantel.
Missmondo has taken the all-over beige look straight from the catwalks in Paris and Milan and translated it into a look you can wear at home.

Beige used to be a colour reserved for senior citizens but countless fashion editors, influencers and fashionistas are now demonstrating that all-over beige looks anything but boring or stuffy. And I too have fallen in love again with this incredibly versatile natural colour because the combinations it offers are endless.

The different shades of beige work perfectly with one particular accent colour: amber. This season, this deep amber tone appears on lots of accessories, including shoes. The blend of brown and orange reminds me of dark honey or the setting sun in late summer. It-pieces in amber look elegant and stylish and are a great way for fashion to bridge the transition into autumn. 
The Högl Pumps Cosmos in the colour amber harmonises very well with the outfit in beige tones.

‘This season, this deep amber tone appears on lots of accessories, including shoes. The blend of brown and orange reminds me of dark honey or the setting sun in late summer.’

Högl COSMOS heels in lavish patent leather add a sophisticated and chic touch to my current look and are ideal for the office. Thanks to their wide block heel and the comfortable shape of the toe, even a long day on your feet won’t cause you any discomfort. These Högl heels add a colour accent to ensure your look is anything but pale and uninteresting, and exudes pure elegance. The V-shape also makes your feet look particularly slender, adding a touch of extra sophistication to the heels.
Missmondo shows her outfit standing on a staircase.
Pair with a skirt to show off the amber-toned heels to maximum advantage.
The V-neck of the shoe makes a particularly slim foot.
The feminine V-shape ensures a comfortable fit and makes your feet look particularly slender.
Ideal for businesswomen to make a lasting impression! And the best way to showcase these flattering shoes? Combine them with a skirt or ankle-length trousers.  When I put a look together, it’s always very important to me that it’s comfortable and wearable. Nothing is more disturbing and distracting than clothes that you are constantly aware of because they are uncomfortable. If you’re in the office all day, rushing from meeting to meeting, you need shoes that are comfortable.
The Högl Pumps Cosmos is very comfortable thanks to its block heel.
Can high heels ever be comfortable? Yes! And Högl COSMOS heels are a perfect example. They are also available in leather and suede, and in many different colours.

When the weather gets warmer, you can really appreciate the quality of good shoes: they adjust to your feet, don’t cause blisters or pressure points, and are breathable. As well as glossy wet-look, Högl heels are also available as classic all-rounders in leather and suede in muted autumn tones, ticking all the boxes for fashionable businesswomen.

Get the new working week off to the perfect start! 


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