Elegant ballerina pumps by Högl

Rosé s’il vous plaît.

For Julietta_mademoiselle, pale rosé pink ballerina pumps are the epitome of romance and femininity.
The blogger Julia with summery outfit and the Clutch Darling by Högl.
Julietta_mademoiselle hails from the Innviertel region in Upper Austria, which also happens to be the home of the Högl brand. She moved to Vienna to study and immediately fell in love with this beautiful city.

If there’s a rule that I’ve lived by over the past few years, it would be ‘quality over quantity’. Whether it’s shoes, bags or accessories, I prefer to have fewer pieces, but I always make sure that they’re top-quality. When it comes to shoes, this isn’t so easy, especially if, like me, you aren’t willing to compromise on quality.

I would describe my style as elegant and feminine, without being too austere. At the same time, I love delicate little details that complete my look, adding a hint of romance. Shoes, bags and jewellery complete my outfits and allow me to express my personality. I think every woman should have the courage to show who she is and dress with pride without worrying about other people’s judgements.
Julietta_mademoiselle is sitting on a marble railing.

“Shoes, bags and jewellery complete my outfits and allow me to express my personality. I think every woman should have the courage to show who she is and dress with pride without worrying about other people’s judgements.”

For example, it’s a cliché that a woman has to wear high heels to be sexy or elegant. I have to admit that even I never used to leave the house in flats. My heels could never be high enough. How times have changed! I’m now a vocal member of the anti-heels brigade; I’d much rather invest in a high-quality pair of flat, comfy shoes than a pair of uncomfortable heels that are just going to gather dust in the wardrobe. The investment has definitely paid off, as I wear my flats regularly and they give me the same confidence that I used to have in heels.

What do I look for in a quality shoe? Support is essential: the footbed needs to be stable and well-designed. It should also be made of a soft material that conforms to the shape of your foot. Of course, the shoe’s appearance also has to meet my expectations: it’s got to be elegant, feminine and preferably have a classic timeless feel.
The blogger combines the pink ballerinas Delight and the clutch Darling to a white blouse and a pink skirt.
Julietta_madmoiselles style is elegant and feminine. Delicate little details complete her look.
The ballerinas and the clutch have golden details.
Högl’s DELIGHT ballerina pumps and DARLING clutch in pink patent leather are timeless classics that demonstrate a passion for detail.
My matching shoes and bag are from Högl, which is a brand I’ve known for a while, since we’re both from the Innviertel region in Upper Austria. Growing up, my mum taught me that Högl epitomises outstanding quality. It’s been a family-run business since it started in 1935. You can see and feel the passion for detail, because every pair of shoes and every bag has something unique about them.

Although I’m usually a fan of neutral and muted colours, now and then you’ve got to have a pop of colour in your life, so today’s look brings together vibrant red and pale pink, inspired by the mantra ‘Rosé s'il vous plaît’. The red skirt is short and fitted to accentuate the waist. For a little contrast, I’ve chosen to wear it with a white blouse with loose, puffed sleeves. Tied casually at the front, the blouse is utterly feminine, without looking too formal.
Gold acessaoires round off the feminine outfit perfectly.
The blouse and skirt combo exudes a simple, feminine style that accentuates the body’s curves while still looking professional.
The Ballerinas Delight in detail.
With a discreet block heel, these Högl DELIGHT ballerina pumps are a no-fuss alternative to high heels. Elegant gold accents add subtle highlights.
Thanks to their classic cut and subtle shade, these Högl DELIGHT ballerina pumps are a true all-rounder and are suitable for any occasion. They could complete a casual daytime look or be worn with elegant evening wear. The patent leather and sophisticated buckle with gold accents add highlights, without forcing the shoe into the limelight. As you can see, there’s a matching DARLING clutch with a detachable shoulder strap.
A golden buckle and a bow adorn the toe of the pink ballerinas.
The pink patent leather looks very elegant and feminine.
I immediately fell in love with this romantic pairing from the "Högl Vienna Edition" collection. So, if you’re still on the hunt for a chic alternative to heels, then look no further!


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