Högl sneakers in a flowery print

Thank you for the flowers!

Accessories in bright flowery prints put spring straight back in your wardrobe!

Enough with the grey: spring is here, and it needs to show in your styling. But what’s the best way to conjure up a hint of spring in your wardrobe? With spring flowers that, when you use them carefully, create some cheer and make your outfit really eye-catching.
Sneakers, heels, ballerinas and sandals are set to blossom this spring and summer, and they’ll enchant you with their cheerful and colourful floral patterns. Högl’s hot on the heels of this trend with these FLOWERY sneakers, in a high-top style with airy mesh material. The Högl designers have adorned these sporty shoes with delicate flowers, giving them both femininity and a playful romanticism. They’ve also designed an elegant matching silk scarf that steals the show, whether draped around the neck, tied to a handbag strap or worn as a belt.
This colourful eye-catcher is a real focal point for a relaxed casual look. Be careful though: floral accessories can be quite bold, so it’s best to avoid mixing them with wild print combinations or geometric patterns. In our styling tip we combine these floral must-have pieces with a cool everyday style of distressed jeans and a white blouse. Ready to go - your cool outfit with romantic attitude.
And with a carpet of flowers at your feet!
A cool everyday style of distressed jeans and a white blouse combined with the Högl sneakers FLOWERY.
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