Högl sneakers in red

Code Red

Hot as chillies this season, red sneakers are bang on trend. Styling them in a chic, modern look is an art in itself.
Red is the colour of love, passion, power and energy. A perennial favourite when it comes to standout fashionable looks, it gets a new lease of life every season. While it’s not so difficult to get the styling on point with this punchy colour, it certainly helps to follow a few simple rules.
Wearing red can help you feel stronger and more confident. Depending on how brave you are, there are different levels to which you can take this trend:
  1. One red eye-catching accent with a simple outfit
  2. A combination of several red statement pieces
  3. An all-over red look
Styling one red accessory is simple, and we’ll leave the all-over red look to the bolder fashion experts. Our styling tip shows an outfit that combines two red statement pieces. This look is as easy to put together as it is striking: the bright scarlet tone not only features on these sporty Högl ESSENZA sneakers but also, on a larger scale, on the hooded sweater. As a counterpoint, we’ve gone for a pair of loose-cut trousers in black with a large checked pattern. They calm the outfit down, while adding a touch of fashion appeal.
Altogether, this is a very wearable transitional look that lets you stand out without being over the top, making it the perfect outfit for exploring the city. We all know there’s nothing better than walking - and thankfully this Högl ESSENZA sneaker is made of soft leather with an extra soft footbed.
We combine the red Högl Sneakers Essenza with a red hooded sweater and loose cut trousers in black with a large checked pattern.
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