Yellow patent loafers by Högl

Patchwork is on Trend

A host of patterns, fabrics, cuts and colours come together to create a versatile look and a carefree spring statement.

With its a vast array of patterns and styles, the arrival of spring can leave us at a loss for what to wear. The current patchwork trend is the perfect solution.  Mixing motifs and materials has never been hotter, and with its fusion of different fabrics and various patterns, anything goes!
Our styling tip features a versatile patchwork blouse that blends beige, khaki and blue. Its striped sleeves, which contrast from the main body of the blouse, add a unique twist. To further enhance the pattern mix, we teamed it with a pair of trousers from the same colour palette. The classic-cut beige paperbag trousers pull the outfit together beautifully and create a look that’s suitable for both everyday wear and the office.
Yet if the shoes didn’t add a distinctive accent, this patchwork creation certainly wouldn’t be Högl’s. These TRAVELLA patent loafers in bold mustard yellow make you yearn for the summer and are great with any outfit! They go perfectly with classic pleated trousers and showcase the carefree playfulness of the patchwork blouse.
Make the most of your fashion freedom! Spring is the perfect time of year for it.
Our styling tip features a versatile patchwork blouse that blends beige, khaki and blue, combined with classic-cut beige paperbag trousers and our Högl patent Loafers in yellow.
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